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Here’s your chance to transform a wedding into a true Magical Experience, with fresh and exciting entertainment of magic, comedy and fun.  

Bill’s magical entertainment is quickly becoming the wedding planner’s best friend.  He offers a full compliment of magical entertainment options starting with the engagement party and leading up through the wedding reception.  He will work with the planning team to create memories with a unique and customized program, designed just for the bride and groom.

Bill’s strolling close-up magic/cabaret program Now You See It, Now You Don’t is a perfect selection.  Here’s an example of wedding event/magical entertainment pairings.

  • The Engagement Party 
    • Strolling Close-up
  • The Bridal Shower 
    • Strolling Close-up
  • The Rehearsal Dinner 
    • Strolling Close-up accompanied with a
    • 10 minute Cameo Cabaret Program featuring the engaged couple
  • The time between the wedding ceremony and the reception, when the wedding party is with the photographer 
    • Strolling Close-up and/or
    • Family Cabaret Program
  • At the wedding reception after the cutting of the cake, for those people who choose not to dance, but still want to enjoy the celebration 
    • Strolling Close-up

For years, audiences have enjoyed Bill’s programs and experienced a wonderful sense that his magic just might be real!  Let Bill add that “special touch” to help ensure your wedding celebration is a success.


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