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  Cups and Balls – Miniature 

A Magical Classic Becomes Even More Adaptable to Strolling Close-up!

Cups & Balls - MiniYou simply can’t appreciate this miniature set of cups and balls until you hold them in your own hands.  The reaction is always something like … “Man, these are really nice. They feel so heavy and well made.”  People react to these beautiful cups that way, because they’re truly exceptional.  Machined from solid brass, each cup weighs approximately 2.5 ounces and measures 1 3/8 inches diameter by 1 3/8 inches tall. 


They’re the correct size to carry in your jacket or trousers without an unsightly pocket bulge.  So, you no longer have to carry your prop bag from table to table.  It gives new freedom to working from your pockets with a full range of quality close-up magic.

Cups and Balls, Mini with Finale Load BallsThese cups stack perfectly.  Their dimension and weight make the traditional “cup through cup” move almost automatic.  After you’ve amazed and amused the audience, you can top it off by magically producing a large final load ball from under each cup. 

And that’s not all.  These same cups combined with the smaller balls that come with the set, are perfect for the “Three Shell Game”, allowing you to bring the fabled “street con” table side.  You’ll have an amazing amount of fun with this throw-back to the good ole days on New York City streets.

The Cups and Balls Miniature set comes complete with three solid brass cups, four mini performance balls, three larger final load balls (shown in the bottom photograph) and basic instructions.


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  Prayer Vase 

A Thought Provoking Illusion That Defies Gravity!

Prayer VaseThe magician shows a red vase and a piece of unprepared rope to his spectators.  The vase is seen to be empty.  Inserting the rope into the vase, the magician confesses that a genii lives inside of the vase.

To prove his point, he turns the vase (with the rope still inside) upside down.  The rope remains suspended inside the vase!  Then, the magician holds the rope with one hand and lets go of the vase.  It remains suspended in the air, as if the genii of the vase were holding on to the rope.

At the end of the trick, the magician hands out the rope and the vase for examination.

This simple to learn, easy-to-perform, visual close-up magic will entertain and amaze your family and friends.  You receive the prayer vase, rope and instructions.

$6.00 U.S.

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  Dice Bomb 

A Large Die Instantly Changes into Eight Small Dice

Dice BombEvery once in a while a magical effect comes along that is just plain fun.  And Dice Bomb is that!  It’s fast, very visual, surprising and unbelievably easy-to-do.

The magician shows the audience a large die and places it into a clear plastic box.  A lid is placed on top of the box and instantly the large die magically bursts into 8 much smaller dice.  The smaller dice are poured from the clear box and everything can be examined if you want.

For a different effect and to mix it up a bit, a large die can actually change color just as fast.

You’ll be entertaining with this simple yet amazing effect in minutes.  And, no … don’t worry about explosives.  It doesn’t contain any hazardous material and is as safe as a marshmallow!  Dice Bomb is just a really cool name for a really cool effect!

You receive everything necessary to perform this amazing illusion and instructions.

$10.00 U.S.

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  Gem Busters 

A Visual, Shape Changing, Mind Bending Close-up Extravaganza

Gem BustersA gem covered crystal clear die is tossed onto a table and examined by a spectator. The performer picks up the die, places it into his left hand, making a fist to conceal the die. Then he waves a small clear plastic wand over the fist. When the hand is opened, the square die has magically changed into a perfect sphere complete with the gem stones. The amazed spectator inspects the gem studded sphere and believes the magic is complete. Right? WRONG!

The magician places the sphere into the left hand and conceals it in his fist. Again, he makes a few circular motions with the wand. Then, the magician quickly claps his hands together and squeezes gently. When his hands are opened, the spectator finds that the sphere has been smashed flat into a crystal clear disc, still complete with the gem stones.

This is easy-to-do, visual, close-up magic that will entertain and amaze even the most skeptical audience. You receive the gem studded (acrylic die, sphere and disc), a five inch close-up magic wand and instructions.

$12.50 U.S.

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New Item in Magic Shop Cups and Balls, Beginner New Item in Magic Shop

A Professional Look at an Affordable Price with Instructional DVD

Cups and Balls, BeginnerCups and Balls magic dates back to Egyptian times and is seen in images from the middle ages with the magician entertaining crowds in village squares.  Now, you too can bring that excitement and mystery to your audiences with this affordable beginner set of Cups and Balls.

The same astounding effects can be performed with this beginner set as with more expensive versions.  The cups’ bright finish resembles chrome plated metal cups, giving your routine the look of a professional magician.

The instructional DVD will teach you how to make the magic happen and includes:

  • The Basic Routine
  • The Set-up
  • Explaination: Phase 1
  • Explanation: Phase 2
  • Explanation; Phase 3
  • Push Through Vanish
  • Vernon Wand Spin
  • Vernon Wand Spin Vanish
  • Drummers Wand Spin
  • Striking Vanish

You receive three bright finish plastic cups measuring 2 3/4 inches high x 2 7/8 inches wide, four 7/8 inch diameter rubber balls and Instructional DVD.

$15.00 U.S.

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Vest Pocket Square Circle

This Baby Brings the Stage to the Palm of Your Hand! 

Vest Pocket Square CircleHave you been intrigued by stage illusion and either didn’t have the room to store or transport the props? Have a cash flow issue and not yet ready to afford a major illusion? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the Vest Pocket Square Circle may be your answer.

The Vest Pocket Square Circle is one the cleanest and simplest productions ever invented. It is self-contained, requires no body loads, is easily presented by a single performer and can even be used when fully surrounded. The Square Circle can be used to produce silk handkerchiefs, beads, ribbon, and much more.

The outer square tube and inner round tube are each picked up, one at a time, shown empty and placed on the palm of your open hand. The empty inner round tube is placed inside the empty square outer tube. Yet, items may be produced from the Square Circle. The audience can see inside the square tube at all times through holes in the front panel.

When you begin presenting this popular effect in your show, you will be amazed at how many other uses you will create. The Vest Pocket Square Circle is decorated in red with gold color trim and stands 2 5/8 inches high x 1 7/8 inches wide. The inner tube is finished in a bright polished silver color. It is a perfect mini-illusion for magicians and clowns to use for small groups during intimate close-up entertaining.

We have provided an option to purchase the Vest Pocket Silk Streamer with a beautiful silk streamer that is perfectly sized to complement this illusion. The Silk Streamer measures 1 inch x 6 feet.

You receive the Vest Pocket Square Circle and instructions. You supply your own production materials.

Vest Pocket Square Circle AND Silk Streamer (1 inch x 6 feet) – $26.00 U.S.

Vest Pocket Square Circle (No Silk Streamer) – $20.00 U.S.

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The Magnetic Micro Mini Pan

Absolutely the smallest pan we’ve ever seen AND the most versatile

Magnetic Micro Mini PanThe Magnetic Micro Mini Pan is simply incredible.  Imagine, a dove pan so small it will fit on the center of the palm of your hand.  Really, it will.  This baby dynamo measures only 1 1/2 inches high x 1 5/8 inches diameter.  But, it’s packed with powerful potential!  It doesn’t have those tell-tale clips in the lid.  And it had a strong magnet n the base to keep the load pan in place when turned upside down.  This beauty can:

  • Make an object appear
  • Make an object vanish
  • Make an object that has vanished … reappear
  • Change an object into a different object

Now, even with these incredible features, I just know you’re wondering … “But, what can I possible do with a pan this small?”  Read on …

  • After performing for a couple at their dining table, you ask the woman to plant a kiss lightly on her lips and set it free with a gentle blow.  You take the empty pan, scoop up the kiss essence, place the lid on and ask her escort to hold out his hand.  As you take the lid off, you tell him that this beautiful lady set a kiss free just for him.  You finally turn the pan over and a Hershey(TM) Chocolate Kiss falls into his hand from the pan.
  • Talk about the interesting coins being minted.  Place four U.S. quarters into the pan and turn them into a Susan B. Anthony U.S. dollar.
  • Tell kids about saving money while showing them how a bank works.  Place a nickle into the pan (bank) and remove the principle with interest … a quarter.
  • Place a little sugar with a hint of chocolate into the pan and produce a mini cookie or piece of candy.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon into many small pieces.  Place them into the pan.  Place the lid on and turn them into a restored length of ribbon.
  • And so much more …

The Magnetic Micro Mini Pan is small enough to carry in your purse or jacket pocket, making it convenient and indispensable for the strolling close-up performer.  It’s uses are limited only by your own creativity and imagination.

You receive The Magnetic Micro Mini Pan and instructions.  You provide your own special props to make your unique brand of incredible magic.

$30.00 U.S.

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by Danny Archer
Mental Magic for Kids and Adults  

AnimentalAnimental is perfect for the beginning mentalist. Whether you are working for children or adults, this effect is for you. 

The magician/mentalist displays four laminated plaques each bearing various full color pictures of animals. Four spectators are each asked to mentally select and remember an animal. No questions are asked, yet the magician correctly reveals all four selected animals!  

Animental is very easy to do, yet extremely baffling. It’s great for schools and zoos. This effect gives you a chance to tell the children about the animals – where they come from, what they eat and how big the are. Trust me, you’ll look like a star to the teachers and zoo keepers, when you can teach the kids about animals while performing fun and exciting magic. 

The plaques measure 2 3/4 inches by 8 3/4 inches, making them easy to carry in your inside jacket pocket for strolling close-up and table hopping performances. Yet the images are big enough and brightly colored, making them highly visible for a cabaret club show. Plus they plaques are laminated, making them easy to care for and durable enough for professional use. 

You receive the plaques and illustrated instructions. 

$20.00 U.S.

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The Interrupted Flap

by Joseph Franklin

The Classic “Out to Lunch” Effect with High Quality Full Color Prediction Cards

The Interrupted FlapNow you too can add a new dimension to the classic “Out to Lunch” effect with these uniquely designed prediction cards.  This striking new design will keep your audience talking about YOU for weeks.

The effect is simple and uncluttered, making the audience’s total experience even more magical and memorable.  Here’s the effect.

  • The magician displays a small stack of cards showing a sorcerer pondering an ancient book opened to a blank page.  The sorcerer is poised with a quill pen ready to record an amazing prediction.
  • A spectator is asked to write his initials around the head of the sorcerer to gain the sorcerer’s attention.
  • This card is removed from the stack of cards and placed face down on the table.
  • The spectator puts his finger on the back of the card.
  • The spectator then makes a random selection of a playing card or object.
  • The magician asks the spectator if he felt anything unusual with his finger as he was touching the card.
  • When the card is turned over, the sorcerer’s prediction has magically appeared on the ancient book and matches the spectator’s selection.

The Interrupted Flap is simply amazing and takes the classic “Out to Lunch” effect to another level with this unique design.  The back of the cards resembles an ancient leather bound backing with a brass looking bookplate perfect for customizing with your contact information or other unique message.

You receive 50 cards, three perfectly sized rubber bands, illustrated instructions including presentations ideas, historical background by Max Maven and a bonus routine by mentalist/author Lewis Chaney.


$15.00 U.S.

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The Raven

The Raven Animation

Magic’s Most Visual Vanish!

The RavenThe Raven® has been called one of the best tricks of the last decade!  You show a coin and place it on the open palm of your hand (or even a spectator’s hand for stronger impact).  Next, you show both sides of your hands, simply wave your hand over the coin and it vanishes right before the spectator’s eyes.  Seriously, this is one of the most visual moments in all of magic. The best part is your hands end up completely clean and can be instantly shown again on both sides immediatly following the coin vanish. This may well be the closest thing to real magic that you’ll ever see and is absolutely one of the best investments in all of street magic. 

The Raven®, allows you to perform visual vanishes like you’ve never seen. Honestly, there’s no end to the exciting effects that can be accomplished with this amazing magic prop.  You can make coins appear, disappear, shrink or even change to a different denomination or an entirely different object, without any unnatural moves or sleights. 

The Raven® comes with the unique prop kit, special coins and instructions.

$35.00 U.S.

We highly recommend The Raven® DVD, sold separately.

This DVD provides detailed, step-by-step instruction for The Raven® and over 20

additional effects with bills, matchbooks, playing cards and a variety of coin effects.

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Hot Rod – Deluxe 2 Bar Set

The Professional’s Choice In Hot Rod Magic 

Hot Rod - Two Bar SetThe Hot Rod is one of the best close-up pocket effects ever created. The impact on the lay audience is absolutely amazing. I mean it is really a WOW effect. Once you have used a Hot Rod, you won’t ever want to leave home without one. 

The spectator sees six differently colored gem stones on one side of a clear plastic bar and an identical set of gem stones on the other side. The spectator selects a gem stone color. Magically, all the gem stones on the clear plastic bar change to the color selected by the spectator. As if that isn’t enough, when the bar is turned over, the gem stones on the other side have changed to the selected color also. 

When you are asked by the amazed spectators to perform it again for their friends, no problem. You can repeat it and the differently colored gem stones change to a DIFFERENT color than before. Trust me on this – it will absolutely blow them away! 

The Hot Rod Deluxe 2 Bar Set is perfect for magicians, clowns and pediatric care givers like dentists, doctors, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists and others. When a client/patient achieves a personal best, the care professional can quickly take the Hot Rod out of their pocket and perform a miracle. If you are a sales professional that sometimes has trouble getting passed the “gate-keeper” that is in control of giving you access to the individual you wish to speak with, the Hot Rod is absolutely indispensable. It turns into the best “sales buddy” you can imagine. When you meet the “gate-keeper”, perform this little miracle. More often than not, they’ll let you have access to their boss for at least a few minutes. Really, it’s almost like magic. 

Each Hot Rod bar measures 3/8 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick by 3 5/8 inches long and is fitted with gleaming, reflective gem stones. You receive the Hot Rod Deluxe 2 Bar Set and instructions. 

$16.00 U.S.

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Viz Escape

A Beginner Effect with an Advanced Impact

Viz EscapeViz Escape is one of those effects where you see it, but you can’t believe it.  I mean, it’s so simple that there’s absolutely no way it can be anything other than what you’ve just seen.  Yet, it defies logic.

A black plastic strip with a small round hole at its center is shown to the audience.  The strip is then inserted into a card stock case and locked in position with a metal fastener.  The black strip is unquestionably secured in place.  The magician calls attention to the fact that the strip can not be removed without removing the fastener.  Even so, at the performers command, the black strip visibly escapes from the red case.  It appears to have magically melted through the metal fastener.

No sleight of hand required! The spectator can examine all the props before and after the trick.

Viz Escape is sold complete with instructions


$4.00 U.S.

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Intriguing Close-up Magic!

ChainedChained is one of those effects that amaze people because it seems impossible, is highly visual and happens instantly.

The performer displays an ungimmicked piece of chain and a solid, ungimmicked ring. The chain is lowered into the opening of the ring. They are not connected or attached in any manner.

Then without warning, the ring is physically linked onto the chain, hanging from the bottom. It appears unbelievable and happens instantly.

Points to remember: The chain is not opened and placed through the ring and closed. There are no slots in the ring. Magnets are not used. The ring is physically secured to the chain! The brass ring is 2 3/8 inches diameter and the chain is 36 inches long (18 inches long when joined as shown in the photograph above).

This close-up effect is perfect when working a festival or group gathering where you are need to entertain people in a waiting line. You don’t have the time to engage them with a two to three minute magic routine. Here you need something that is quick, visual and UNBELIEVABLE. Chained is the answer. Once you own Chained, you’ll never leave home without it!

You receive a chain, solid brass ring and illustrated instructions.

$12.00 U.S.

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Pea Can

A Trick with an Ending You well Never Forget

Pea CanYour Dad or Grandfather probably owned a Pea Can at some time in their life. Well, they’re back and even better.

A cork is removed from a small brass can. From the can is poured a yellow pea, a black-eyed pea, a green pea and a black pea. The spectator is asked to select one of the peas. The performer asks, “Would it be magic if the only thing that comes out of the an is the pea you selected?” So, all of the peas are placed back in to the can an sealed by the cork. The spectator begins to say out loud as instructed, “I want my pea!” The spectator is asked to again chant the phrase out loud, but with feeling this time, “I WANT MY PEA!” After the performer waves his hand over the can, the cork is removed and out into the spectator’s hand is poured warm water (which is mistaken as pee by the spectator).

If the pea to “pee” thing is a bit risqué for you, no problem. You can use the Pea Can to:

  • Change water to ice
  • Turn glitter to silk
  • Produce diamonds from coal
  • Change dimes to pennies
  • Perform the cut and restored ribbon or string

Honestly, use your imagination and you could write a book on the hundreds of uses for the Pea Can. The Pea Can is manufactured in gleaming brass and measures 2 3/16 inches high (base to top of cork) by 7/8 inch outer diameter.

You receive the Pea Can, peas, cork and complete instructions with photographs and suggestions for other effects using the Pea Can. You provide your own other creative props.

$20.00 U.S.

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Astro Strings

A String is Cut into Two Pieces and Becomes Restore

They will not believe their eyes!

Astro StringsOnce in a while, an effect comes along that is stunning, and yet so simple, that your close-up audience won’t believe their eyes. A string is shown to the audience, cut into two pieces and placed into the magician’s hand. One of the ends of each smaller length of string now extends from the magician’s closed hand.

Two spectators are each invited to hold one of the ends of the string pieces. Slowly they pull on the strings. The magician begins to move his hand back and forth around the string pieces. He gently opens his hand and the spectators see the two strings have been magically restored to a single piece. It may be completely examined.

There are no switches, extra pieces of string or other manipulation needed. Astro Strings is actually self contained, yet is completely examinable.

You receive the Astro Strings, and instructions.

$5.00 U.S.

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Psychic Escape

Powerful, Amazing, Unbelievable, No Sleights 

Psychic EscapePsychic Escape is absolutely perfect for mentalists and magicians looking for an effect to take their craft to the next level. It is performed cleanly without manipulation, false moves or changes. This is the type of effect I call a “No-Clapper”. At the conclusion, the spectator with whom you have been working is so stunned, they just look at you and forget to clap. It’s about as close as you are going to get to producing a spiritual experience. 

Five brass discs (each a different color), a brass container in two parts and a brass needle with a cord attached are freely shown and examined by the spectator. The discs are turned face down and mixed so no one knows the order of the colors. One disc is turned over by the spectator and its color carefully observed so the magician/mentalist can not see the color. The disc is returned to the table, colored side down. The discs are then placed into the container and the container closed. The needle is placed through a hole in each end of the container and the center hole of the discs. Everything is full captured by the cord. The performer asks for total silence as the spectator picks up the container and discs by the cord and concentrates on the color of the chosen disc. The performer opens the container slightly and simply taps the container gently with the back of his index finger. A single disc falls from the container. It is the disc bearing the chosen color. The container and cord are slowly placed on the table. The container is fully opened very carefully. Inside are the other four discs still securely captured by the cord. 

Remarkable is the only word that comes to mind. Psychic Escape is so powerful, it’s scary. You receive everything shown in the photograph above, including complete instructions. 

$35.00 U.S.

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by Yigal Mesika

(Invisible Elastic Thread Bands)

The Impossible Has Just Become Possible!

LoopsWouldn’t it be great if you could . . .

  • Animate a selected Card out of a borrowed pack of cards
  • Control objects seemingly with the power of your mind
  • Animate a fork to find out what someone wants to eat
  • Make someone feel the electricity running between your hands
  • Borrow a finger ring and immediately make it float in mid-air
  • Make objects mysteriously leap from someone else’s hand into yours
  • If you could do all this in the sauna.

All that and much more is possible with the power of the Loop.

Very few gimmicks are as versatile and powerful as the Loop. It is very easy to use and is not well known. The Loop can be worn all day, is always ready and requires no special hook-ups. Best of all, it is equally great for close-up and stage. WOW! What more could you want?

The Loop has been under development since 1992. Recent improvements now allow the Loop to stretch up to 400% of its original size.

The package contains five invisible elastic thread bands and well illustrated instructions for two effects.

$12.00 U.S.

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Ball and Tube

Ball & TubeThe steel ball is larger than the inside of the brass tube, yet it slowly and magically descends into the tube

The Ball and Tube was the first “real” magic trick I ever saw as a young boy. A friend of my father bought it at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. He kept it for years and eventually gave it to me. To this day, it remains one of my most cherished magical pieces.

The Ball and Tube effect is ageless and this version is the best I’ve ever seen. The tube is brass and the ball is a smooth steel sphere. The ball is so large there is no way it could even be pressed through the smaller tube. Yet, when held in the magician’s hands, the ball slowly sinks into the center of the tube. It disappears from sight and just as slowly, reappears from within the tube. The ball and tube can both be passed for complete examination without fear of detection. This self contained, “locking” version has been precision crafted by the experts at Johnson Products.

I am sure you’ll love the feel and smooth operation of this classic piece as much as I. You receive the Ball and Tube illusion, complete with instructions.

$24.00 U.S.

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Thumbtip Silk Streamer

PPerfect for production from your closed hand or small props

Thumbtip Silk StreamerThese pure silk streamers are just the right size for production from a thumbtip. They compress easily into very small areas and expand quickly when produced. The colors are so bright and vivid, they can be seen easily, even on stage. Imagine the look on the spectator’s face when over six feet of silk streamer is pulled from the hand they saw completely empty only moments before!

You can use the Thumbtip Silk Streamers for production loads from the Mini Transformation Tube, Blendo Box, and other production devices. You may also want to simply tuck this beautiful silk in your jacket breast pocket. When you reach for your handkerchief, over two yards of silk streamer is produced!

The Thumbtip Silk Streamer is available in two sizes – (1 inch wide x 73 inches long) or (1 inch wide x 36 inches long). Please specify when ordering. You receive one silk streamer. You use your own favorite production device.

Length (73 inch) . . . $6.00 U.S.

Length (36 inch) . . . $3.00 U.S.

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Rattle Box

Go Ahead – I dare you!

Vanish her expensive diamond ring – in HER hands.

Rattle BoxThe magician asks a woman spectator to loan him her finger ring. (Trust me, the more expensive the ring, the better the effect!) For safe keeping, the magician has her place the ring into a small hardwood box herself. The lid is closed and when the box is shaken, the ring can be heard rattling around inside. The box is then given to the spectator to hold. The box is shaken a few moments later and no rattle is heard. Could it be? When she opens the box, she finds the ring has completely vanished. Her expansive ring may be found in a ball of yarn, nest of boxes, etc.


  • The rattle is heard until the last second
  • The magician’s hands are shown empty just before and after the ring vanishes
  • The box may be actually held by the spectator
  • Versatile – Uses rings, coins, poker chips, etc.

The Rattle Box is manufactured by the craftsmen at Viking Manufacturing from select walnut wood and measures 2 3/8 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches deep by 1 1/2 inches high. You receive the Rattle Box and complete instructions.    You supply your own coins, rings, etc.

$35.00 U.S.

Note: We highly recommend the Quarter-Go box (sold separately below) as

a companion piece to produce the item vanished from the Rattle Box.

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Quarter – Go

a.k.a. Lippencott Box

This box is so cleverly constructed, it may even fool many experienced magicians!

Quarter GoA quarter is borrowed and marked. It is placed into a handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold in one hand. Next, a small padlocked chest is displayed and placed on the palm of the spectator’s other hand. The magician asks the spectator to take the quarter from the handkerchief. But, to his surprise, the coin has vanished. The spectator uses a key to unlock the padlock on the small chest. Unbelievable as it may seem, when the lid of the chest is opened, the marked coin is found inside.

This routine is equally effective when performed with a borrowed finger ring, poker chip folder dollar bill, etc. The Quarter-Go box may also be used with the Rattle Box (sold separately above) to vanish the selected item. Once you examine this unique box, your mind will flood with ideas for its use.

This beautiful box is so deceptively designed, it can actually be handled by the spectator without fear of detection. Quarter-Go measures 2 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches deep by 1 1/4 inches high and features a felt lined bottom surface inside for silent operation. It is hand-crafted from select walnut woods and brass hardware by Viking Manufacturing.

You receive the Quarter-Go box, lock, keys and complete instructions detailing three methods for presenting this effect.  You supply your own coins, rings, etc.

$35.00 U.S. – Non Magnetic (Temporarily Not Available)

$40.00 U.S. – Magnetic (Used to “Hold Out” an object that is attracted to a magnet) (Temporarily Not Available)

Note: We highly recommend the Rattle Box (sold separately above) as

a companion piece to produce the item produced from the Quarter-Go box.

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Incredible Traffic Light 

The magic happens in the spectator’s hands.  The magician doesn’t touch anything. 

It is absolutely fair, easy to do and AMAZING. 

Incredible Traffic LightTwo black bridge size plastic cards are shown to the spectator. One card has three colored dots of reflective material on it (red, yellow and green). Strangely enough, it looks like a traffic light. The other card is blank. The card with the dots is placed on the spectator’s left hand – dot side down. The blank card is placed on the spectator’s right hand. One of the colors is chosen by the spectator. Wait until you see the look on the spectator’s face when he turns the cards over and finds that the dot matching his selection has moved to the blank card.

Remember, this all happened while the cards were in his hand. The magician did not touch the cards after the spectator selected the color. The dots can not be moved. They are not magnetic. Honestly, the spectator is absolutely amazed at your magical abilities. 

The Incredible Traffic Light can even be used in safety themed programs. It has quickly become a hit among magicians and clowns for use in close-up and strolling magic. The Incredible Traffic Light is suitable for adults and children. Sold complete with full instructions. 

$15.00 U.S. 

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Penetration Frame

Simple, Effective and Thought Provoking

Penetration FrameThe Penetration Frame is a perfect choice for walk around or platform entertainers. It requires no skill and may even be performed surrounded if you choose. A solid plastic glass in a frame is given for examination. Nothing unusual can be detected. A randomly chosen playing card or business card is placed on each side of the frame, underneath the thin strip, so that the center of the glass is covered on both sides. The performer now pierces both cards and the glass with a borrowed pencil. This can be followed by a silk handkerchief or a ribbon. The cards are then removed by the performer and to everyone’s amazement, the glass is in perfect condition and the frame can again be passed for examination.

You receive the Penetration Frame and illustrated instructions. You add your own favorite silk handkerchief, pencil and cards.

$8.00 U.S.

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Buddha Money Mystery

Change one item into another – with no skill!

Buddha Money Mystery The magician opens a set of colorful folded papers and places a small object inside.  The papers are then slowly re-folded.  The magician mysteriously waves his hands over the object that is tightly wrapped.   Upon opening the package of papers again, everyone is astonished to find the small object has changed into a $100 bill, or even vanished!

With the Buddha Money Mystery you can . . .

  • Turn five dimes into a half dollar
  • Change a picture of a ring into a real ring
  • Cause a colored gem stone to turn into a stone of another color
  • Perform a “Spirit Writing” routine where a blank piece of paper is mysteriously written on while trapped inside the paper package
  • And on and on . . .

Seriously, the possibilities are endless.  Once you learn the secret, you are limited only by your own imagination.

$4.50 U.S.

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Mental Prediction Board

Amazing Mindreading for the Close-up Entertainer!

Mental Prediction BoardThe Mental Prediction Board provides three examples of mind reading in one!  This can be performed using up to three different audience spectators if desired.

The magician introduces a piece of chalk and a board with six spaces for writing on it.  He asks a spectator to think of an object, name or number.  The magician writes down this first prediction using the chalk in one of the spaces on the board, and covers it up.  The spectator then writes down the piece of information he was actually thinking about in a space directly below the magician’s prediction.

Again, the spectator thinks of something.  The magician records his prediction and covers it up.  The spectator once more writes his actual thought below the covered prediction.

After this sequence is repeated a final third time, the magician slowly and deliberately removes his covered predictions.  Amazingly, all three predictions he made match the spectator’s recorded thoughts – perfectly!

The Mental Prediction Board does not require memory work, sleight of hand or other complicated methods.  This is a tried and tested trick that you will love to perform.

The Mental Prediction Board comes complete with instructions.

$8.00 U.S.

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Mis-Made Bill

This is a killer effect!

Your audience will never forget this one!

Mis-Made BillA one dollar bill is borrowed from an audience member. The magician shows both sides of the borrowed bill. He also shows his hands otherwise empty. Then he proceeds to fold the bill in half, then in half again and again until the bill is tightly folded. He makes a magical gesture, and unfolds the bill which has been transformed into the Mis-Made Bill. The magician changes the bill back into its original form and returns it to the spectator.

The Mis-Made Bill is the perfect effect if you want to have some fun with the cashier at your favorite store. Simply mix the Mis-Made Bill into the bills you are using to pay for your purchase. When the cashier tells you he can’t accept this “funny looking bill”, here’s where the fun begins. Take back the Mis-Made Bill, “fix it” in front of his eyes and hand the now regular looking bill back to him. Watch the fun as he tries to decide if he can take this bill for your purchase! (This is one of my favorite applications of the wonderful effect!)

You receive the Mis-Made Bill and well written, illustrated instructions for the effect using nothing more than a borrowed bill and the supplied Mis-Made Bill. This is the real thing! It’s a solid sheet of paper. The ungimmicked Mis-Made Bill supplied is perfect for other variations of this classic effect.

$15.00 U.S.

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Sponge Balls

Perfect for Strolling with Children and Adults

Sponge BallsOne in the pocket, one in the hand – right?  No – None in the pocket and two in the hand. The sponge balls have entertained audiences for decades. These are no ordinary sponge balls. They are Al Goshman’s SUPER SOFT sponge balls. These are so soft, they seem to disappear simply by closing the hand. You can load four of these in the spectator’s hand and he will actually believe he is holding just one ball. These are the finest sponge balls made. Treat yourself to the best.

Sponge Balls are great for magicians, clowns, storytellers, M.C.’s and mimes. This is truly an effect that packs small and plays BIG!

NOTE: The Sponge Balls are also available in Goshman’s ULTRA SOFT version.  These balls are just a bit firmer.  They perform just as well as the as the SUPER SOFT, but with a slightly different feel.

Complete with instructions and four Goshman SUPER SOFT Sponge Balls. Sponge Balls are available in red, green or yellow and in either 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch sizes.  See below for current availability.

Please specify STYLE, COLOR and SIZE when ordering.

SUPER SOFT – Size: 1 inch (Red) . . . $4.00 U.S.

SUPER SOFT – Size: 1 1/2 inch (Red) . . . $5.00 U.S.

SUPER SOFT – Size: 1 1/2 inch (Yellow) . . . $5.00 U.S.  (Temporarily Not Available)

SUPER SOFT – Size: 2 inch (Red) . . . $7.00 U.S.

We highly recommend the Purse Frame sold separately.

This clever little accessory is just the thing to begin your sponge ball routine

with the magical production of a sponge ball.

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Miracle Rabbit 

An Amazing Sponge Ball to Rabbit 

Miracle RabbitKids love to see anything change in front of their eyes. Miracle Rabbit is perfect for audience participation routines. This fits the bill for both close-up and platform performances.  

The magician displays a red sponge ball and claims that he will actually make it disappear in front of the spectator’s eyes. Slowly and methodically, he places the ball into his trouser pocket and claims, “It’s gone!” After the groans have died down, he offers to do it again-this time for real. He places the ball on top of his left closed fist and pushes it down inside. When he opens his hand the ball is seen to have changed into a large (5.5 inches tall) sponge rabbit! 

Miracle Rabbit is easy to carry and simple to perform. It comes complete with all of the necessary sponges. 

$9.00 U.S.

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A close-up prop that performs like a change bag, yet it can be examined! 

No, we’re not kidding. Read on . . . 

A-Bag-CadabraA-Bag-Cadabra is simply incredible. The magician shows a bag that looks similar to any magic change bag, but is a fraction of the size. I mean, this actually fits in the palm of your hand. See the photo to the right. Remember, this is not a change bag. It may look like one, but it uses a completely different concept to produce, vanish, or change an object. In performance, the A-Bag-Cadabra is shown empty and immediately the magic begins right before the spectator’s eyes. And, at the end of your effect, the bag can be completely examined! You can . . . 

  • Perform a color changing silk effect 
  • Change a dollar bill into four quarters 
  • Produce a silk handkerchief 
  • Perform a cut and restored ribbon effect 
  • And more . . . 

A-Bag-Cadabra truly does pack small and play big. It is simple to learn, very easy to do and comes with instructions that include detailed pictures and ideas. You supply your own favorite productions items 

$15.00 U.S. – (A-Bag-Cadabra ONLY) 

$17.00 U.S. – (A-Bag-Cadabra AND a six inch silk handkerchief to get you started)

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Ball and Vase

A classic revisited

Ball and VaseThe magician takes the top cover from a vase, removes a ball and replaces the cover.  The magician then places the ball into his pocket and waves his hands mysteriously over the vase.  When he removes the cover, the ball has magically travelled from his pocket to the vase.

Again the magician replaces the cover, waves his hands and when the cover is removed, the ball is gone.  The magician places his empty hand into his pocket where the ball is retrieved and returned to the vase.

Most of us probably owned one of these when we first started in magic.  It’s as amazing now as it was then.  The Ball and Vase is easy-to-learn and requires absolutely no skill to perform the effect described above.

You receive the vase, ball and instructions.

$5.00 U.S.

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A mental card trick without playing cards

Feel A ColorThis sensational trick can be done blindfolded – literally.  The magician displays four colored cards, and hands them to the spectator. With his back turned, the magician instructs the spectator to select one of the four cards, and then place all four cards on the table.

Even with a blindfold, the magician can discern which of the four cards were selected – apparently by sense of touch alone. Feel A Color is simple to learn and easy to perform.

You receive the full secret, necessary props and professional instructions.

$5.00 U.S.

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Matchbox Mambo 

The Match Boxes with an Apparent Mind of their Own! 

Matchbox MamboMatchbox Mambo is solid close-up magic that both entertains and amazes even the most skeptical audience. 

Two matchboxes are shown to the audience. The drawer of one box is opened and they are placed end to end. When the drawer is pushed shut, the drawer of the other box opens! The boxes are held in several different ways, each more baffling than the time before. And every time, one drawer still opens while the other one closes! 

The boxes defy the laws of nature in an incredibly magical manner. And the best part is the boxes can be minutely examined by the spectator and there is nothing to see! WOW! This is absolutely one of my favorite effects. It is simple to learn, easy to do, yet unbelievable to see. 

You receive two matchboxes, instructions and that special something. 

$20.00 U.S

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Multiplying Sponge Rabbits 

Multiplying Sponge RabbitsJust one glance and you’ll want to take this rabbit family home.  This set will be one of your feature close up tricks!

The magician shows a Momma and Poppa bunny.  He places one in his hand and the other in the spectator’s hand.  Sprinkling a little magic dust over both bunnies, the magician opens his hand and finds that Poppa has gone!  When the spectator opens her hand, she discovers Momma and Poppa magically together.  The spectator closes her hand once again over Momma and Poppa.  This time when she opens her hand, she finds Momma and Poppa with the complete family of five cute little bunnies!

Multiplying Sponge Rabbits complete with instuctions and the entire “family of seven”.

$5.00 U.S.

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by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

An Explosion of Entertaining Possibilities 

PlastiqueFrom the fertile minds of Larry Becker and Lee Earle comes an unbelievable mental experience that is contemporary, clever and classy. Plastique is the perfect choice for every close-up magician, mind reading act or platform mentalist! 

It sounds good so far. But is Plastique versatile? You bet! The cards are commercial quality, very colorful and totally different on the front side. These have been designed with multiple principles to handle the wise guys. There’s not enough room to list all the details, but start with that fact that Plastique resets instantly, is fully examinable and is repeatable also.  

With Plastique you can . . . 

  • Predict the grand total of a dozen digits chosen at random by several people! 
  • Discover the false signature of a participant “guilty of identity theft” – blindfolded! 
  • Confound the audience’s senses with an amazing coincidence as a finale after the participants call the shots all the way! 
  • Baffle their brains out when a participant adds up his choice of four digits from any card (you don’t even know which one), yet you open your hand to show that exact amount of pocket change! Think about it . The sum of his four digits exactly matches the amount of pocket change you are holding in your hand! 

Well, there you have it – professional material for a professional performance. I know. What you’ve just read seems hard to believe. But, it’s all true! Larry Becker and Lee Earle are nothing short of genius! I’m serious when I tell you that Plastique is a sure fire reputation maker.  

You receive ten full color commercial quality credit cards and detailed instructions for these easy to master miracles. Plastique actually does pack flat and play big. You won’t be disappointed! 

$59.50 U.S.

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