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Bill brings classic illusions to your stage and draws the audience into a world of entertaining situations filled with magic, illusion, comedy and fun. This upscale stage magic show is the perfect choice for conventions, conferences, fundraisers, promotional events and more. 


Assistant Becomes Lighter Than Air

Photo Credit: Thomas Kinsman / Webster, NY 


Audience participation is always a large part of the show. Lucky spectators joining Bill on stage, have so much fun they sometimes nearly loose their head. But, never fear. Bill makes certain all is well, holding the show (and body parts) together. 


Assistant Really Getting Involved in the Illusion

Photo Credit: Thomas Kinsman / Webster, NY 


Bill’s lovely assistant Julie, adds a touch of class to the show. After spending the evening being sawed in two and levitated on stage, she takes magical matters into her own hands and gets a little revenge by twisting Bill’s neck into a tight knot. Ouch! 


The Assistant Gets Revenge

Photo Credit: Thomas Kinsman / Webster, NY 


Music, laughter, audience participation and colorful productions are all trademarks of Bill Gormont’s World of Magic.    Bill and Julie take a final curtain call before your guests safely travel home, having enjoyed a wonderful experience of Magic, Illusion and Fun. 


The Stage Finale

Photo Credit: Thomas Kinsman / Webster, NY


Bill Gormont’s World of Magic stage entertainment provides that “special touch” to help make your next event a success.

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