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New Item in Magic Shop  Marked – Bicycle Marked Deck Kit  New Item in Magic Shop

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Marked DeckPerforming with this ultimate secret deck marking system will give you the most powerful advantage in card magic possible.  At a brief glance you will secretly know any selected card. Become a world class card performer or even a mind reader with MARKED.  Everything you need to get started is included in this kit.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Printed Marking System Guide
  • (1) Instructional DVD on the marking system with bonus performance
  • (1) Special Marking Device
  • (25) Bicycle Deck Seals (Standard Black Seals)
  • (1) Bicycle Poker Size Deck Ready For Secret Marking Application

For entertainment purposes only! User assumes all risk and liability resulting from use of this product. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable to the buyer or any third person for any injury, loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from use of, or inability to use, this product.

$25.00 U.S.

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New Item in Magic Shop Two Card Monte New Item in Magic Shop

An Easy to Do Version of an Old Gambling Trick

Two Card MonteTwo Card Monte is a best-seller in our magic shop as well as through our mail order service!

You show the face and back of two different cards.  Then the face down card is placed behind your back.  The spectator is then asked to guess which one is behind your back.  Now, this should be as simple as watching rubber ducks bobbing around in your bath tub. The spectator instinctively makes the logical choice.  But, they’re wrong. This is repeated several more times and the spectator is never correct … EVER!  The spectator can never guess which card remains.

No sleight of hand is involved. You can perform it almost immediately after opening the package!


You receive the cards and instructions.

$5.00 U.S.

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Diminishing Cards 

A Classic in Magic  

Diminishing CardsJust imagine the audience watching in amazement as the jumbo cards you are holding become smaller, and smaller, and smaller and smaller. That’s what they’ll see. Over the years, magician’s have entertained audiences with this illusion in night clubs and on stage. Today you’ll recreate that classic in style with this easy to handle card set. 


A stack of jumbo cards are shown to the audience. One card is kept in the hand as the remaining cards are fanned out and waved over the single remaining card, instantly reducing that single card to a much smaller size. This smaller card is fanned to show that a stack of these smaller cards has now appeared in the magicians hands. Again and again the cards become smaller. In a talking act this is an amazing feat of magic. When performed to music, the card manipulation routine is simply beautiful. 


The cards range from the jumbo size measuring in at 4 1/2 inches wide x 7 inches tall to the smallest size measuring 1/2 inch wide x 3/4 inch tall. The Diminishing Cards comes with specially prepared cards and illustrated, easy to follow instructions.

$35.00 U.S. (Not Currently Available)

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Split Deck

Versatile, Surprising and Always Amazing

Split DeckThe adaptability of the Split Deck is absolutely amazing!  It can be presented as a mental effect, a comedy routine, or even as a reinforcement to team building where two individuals communicate mentally with each other.

A deck of cards is displayed to audience. A smile breaks out across the audience’s faces as they see a deck that has been cut into two parts with an unusual pattern. Each half of the deck is shown to be made up of different cards. Basically, the audience believes this to be simply a deck of 52 different cards that has been cut into an odd shape. While the cards are held face down and spread, a spectator is asked to touch the back of any card, keeping his finger tip on that specific card. The selected card is removed from the deck and held by the spectator against his stomach.

The spectator is asked to look secretly at his card and then concentrate on the suit and value while attempting to transmit his thoughts to a second spectator. At this time, the other half of the deck is shuffled and a second spectator asked to try and read the mind of the first spectator. He is given the opportunity to run his finger back and forth across the backs of the second half of the deck again and again and finally make a selection by stopping his finger on the back of any card. He is given several opportunities to change his mind and select a different card if he chooses. The final selected card is removed from the deck and held against his stomach, just like the first spectator. Finally, when the cards are turned around, they match exactly!

Only occasionally does something this great come along. The fact that the Split Deck has been a fundamental piece of magic performance for so many years, speaks volumes about its ability to entertain and keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Split Deck is great for adults as well as youth audiences.  It requires no manipulation or special skills and can be used successfully by magicians, MC’s, professional trainers, business managers, comedians, storytellers, clowns, etc.

You receive a deck of Bicycle Rider Back playing cards and instructions. You can choose from two different sizes, making this effect suitable for the close-up magician as well as the stage entertainer. Many entertainers purchase both sizes to be ready for all types of shows.

Please specify size when ordering.

$45.00 U.S. (Jumbo Size – 5 inches x 7 inches)

$18.00 U.S. (Poker Size)

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Eye Exam

by Danny Archer

Easy to Do ~ Great Climax ~ Fully Examinable

Eye ExamIt’s two tricks in one.  You can perform it as a card revelation or a packet trick.

Packet Trick Version:

When you perform it as a packet trick with the theme of a vision test, four cards appearing identical are shown.  The spectator is asked which card was face down, they say, none.  The cards are shown and the Heart is face down.  One at a time the remaining cards turn face down (showing a red back). Then all the cards are face up again.  The audience spectator’s response is usually something like …”What,  No Way!”

To test their color vision, the audience spectator is asked to name the back color of the cards.  He’s just seen they were red.  So he says “Red”.  But, then all the backs are seen to have blue backs.  By now he’s thinking … “I have to see my eye doctor.”

To test their vision retention, one card is pocketed, but four cards are shown. The cards are turned face down, and the spectator is asked to read the top line (an eye chart is printed in bold black letters on the backs of all four cards which are examinable!).  At this point, he’s probably making an immediate appointment with the doc.

Card Revelation Version:

As a card revelation, the spectator selects a card (Force). After several failed tries the magician asks for the name of the selected card and to make sure the card was seen correctly, an eye exam is given.  The trick then finishes as above and the name of the selected card is seen printed on the eye chart!

Eye Exam is very easy to do.  It also includes a page of additional tips and hints called Eye Exam Extras that give hints and tips, and a finish where the cards are examinable (thanks to a Paul Harris suggestion).  It also gives you neat ideas like how to produce a rubber eyeball at the finish. 

Eye Exam comes complete with instructions. You supply your own eyeball if desired.

$15.00 U.S. (Not Currently Available)

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by Chastain Criswell and JB Magic – DVD 

Tag is crazy clever easy-to-perform magic that will absolutely blow the audience away!

TagA card is freely selected by a spectator, signed and returned into the deck. The magician then removes any different card from the deck. A GENUINE hole is then punched through this different card. Next a paper tag is passed through the hole and tied so the card is fastened to the tag.  Hey, there are NO FAKE TAGS and the hole is REAL! 

Now for the IMPOSSIBLE part.  The spectator takes hold of the tag as the different card is returned to the deck. The spectator never lets go of the tag. The deck is spread and the spectator pulls the tag from the deck. The card FASTENED to the tag is now their SIGNED CARD! This can be given away as a souvenir, the tag is permanently fastened to their card. 

Tag comes complete with tags, gimmick, PLUS a DVD with the complete routine and fully detailed explanations including bonus ideas and tips.

$24.00 U.S.  

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The Monster Mash 

by Paul Hallas 

A Terrific Close-up Effect – Based on McDonald’s Aces! 

Monster MashThe Monster Mash is brought to you by Dracula, Frank N. Stein, a really cool Ghoul and last, but not least, the Ugly Duckling. What a quartet! 

The Monster Mash delivers a delightful, easy-to-perform mystery filled with fun and surprise. 

The magician displays three monsters and a confused duckling. Several blank cards are also shown to represent the cold mist and fog usually found where monsters prowl. The monsters are dealt onto the table with “fog” cards swirling around them. The spectator places his hand on one of the piles. One at a time each monster disappears into the fog of the night, each in his very own unique way. When the last monster has vanished, the spectator checks under his hand to find all the monsters have turned up with Dracula who is throwing a party, a Monster Mash! 

Wait until you see the look on the spectator’s face when the monsters vanish and reappear under his hand. The disappearances are positively spooky. The easy to read instructions are filled with hilarious patter lines that make this a perfect effect all year long. 

You receive specially printed Bicycle back poker size cards (some great art work), a plastic wallet to carry your new effect and complete instructions. 

$15.00 U.S.  

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Clone Zone 

by Peter Duffie 

Cloning is perfectly safe. Or is it? 

Clone ZoneAfter years of experimenting in hidden laboratories, research scientists have now made cloning available for the general public. They say cloning provides the desired effect most of the time. Sounds a little risky doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s worth the risk. Besides, the audience always loves someone who lives life on the edge! 

This routine is easy to perform, has no bad angles and resets quickly. It has a great story line and plays strongly in all close-up situations. 

Four playing cards (we call them subjects) are placed on the table. Next, four cards are shown to be completely blank on both sides (these are actually the cloning plates). One by one the special cloning plates take the image of each of the subjects. However, since the cloned image is only temporary, the image fades without a trace. Remember, we talked about some risks earlier. Well, after the cloning plates have lost their cloned images and been shown blank again, the spectators are told that the cloning process has a risk of reversal. At this time the original playing cards are shown to have accidentally been cloned blank. This is when you tell the spectators, “they have just entered the Clone Zone”. 

You receive specially printed Bicycle back poker size cards and complete instructions. The instructions include tips, recommendations and variations for this remarkable effect. 

$15.00 U.S.

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The Foolproof Locator Deck 

from Bruno Canaldi 

This Deck Does All Your Magic For You! 

Foolproof Locator DeckThere are so many applications for the Foolproof Locator Deck that it’s scary. Any card from a regular deck added to the Foolproof Locator Deck makes that card an instant locator card. How? Well let me explain how the deck is configured. The entire deck has been trimmed short and the corners re-rounded, so it looks, handles and appears to be an ordinary deck in every respect. Now, if you take any card from a regular deck and add it to this deck, that card becomes a long card or a locator card. See!

These cards have been die cut to eliminate the jagged or pointed corners, commonly seen on other specially prepared cards. The card on the left is an unprepared card. The one on the right is from the Foolproof Locator Deck. (It’s slightly shorter.) These cards are so well manufactured, when you lay one of the shorted cards on the table, the spectators just can’t tell. They are really that good. In fact, you can hand them the Foolproof Locator Deck and let them handle and shuffle to their heart’s content. Then, you introduce a regular card as the locator card and you’ll blow them away with what you can do! 

Let’s suppose you want to use a short card. Well, any of the cards in the Foolproof Locator Deck can be added to a regular deck and used as short cards. So, now you can begin to appreciate that the Foolproof Locator Deck is a universal deck of cards with many applications. 

You can use the deck in both ways, and use the locator cards as merely locators or they can actually be the force card. If you’re working close-up and need to change the locator/force card to another value or suit to “throw them off”, no problem. You have 52 cards to choose from. 

You are sent the Foolproof Locator Deck along with the booklet of handling techniques and ideas, as well as Bruno’s Family Spaghetti Sauce recipe as a bonus. Yes, you read that right. Hey, Bruno’s just a really cool guy! 

$20.00 U.S. 

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Vanishing Card 

A Card Vanishes Instantly Without a Trace! 

Vanishing CardImagine a playing card vanishing right before your eyes. It must be magic. There is simply no other explanation! 

The magician shows three cards to the audience. Two of the cards have the identical value and color. The third card is very different and of the opposite color. The cards are slowly turned face down and dealt carefully onto the table. When the cards are turned over, the two cards of identical value have safely made the journey. However, the odd card has completely vanished, leaving in its place a totally blank card! 

The Vanishing Card is simplicity in card magic. The cards are fairly shown and carefully handled with no false movements. The cards can even be inspected after the dramatic conclusion. Simple and effective, the Vanishing Card begs the question – “Where did it go?”. 

The Vanishing Card is sold complete with Bicycle Rider Back cards and illustrated instructions. 

$5.00 U.S.  

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Brainwave Deck

An Effect so Incredible, It Must be REAL Magic! 

Brainwave DeckYears ago, I attended an evening of stage magic by Harry Blackstone, Jr. In the center of the show, Harry began to perform the Ashra Levitation with his lovely wife Gay. When she started to lie down on the couch, a leg from the couch broke off. Luckily, Harry caught Gay before she fell to the floor. She gracefully walked off stage. As the curtains closed, Harry walked to the front of the stage, reach inside his jacket and effectively performed the Brainwave effect to an auditorium of 2000 people. WOW.  

Later that evening, I had the good fortune of spending some time with Harry and asked him how he just happened to have a Brainwave deck with him. He said that you never know when an effect may break or fail, regardless of how careful you are maintaining your props. Consequently, he ALWAYS carried this deck of cards with him just in case! It provided him with an immediate opportunity to keep the show flowing smoothly, while the stagehands and crew reset the stage behind the curtain with the next illusion. Even since that evening, I thought if it’s good enough for Harry Blackstone Jr., it’s good enough for me. Now I always have a Brainwave deck with me when performing. 

The effect is simple, yet stunning with not just one performing climax, but two. A card is merely thought of by a spectator. The magician asks the spectator to imaging turning that card face up in an imaginary deck. The magician displays a card case to the audience and keeps it in full view. The card case never leaves the audience’s sight. The audience member announces the card he thought of moments before. The magician opens the card case, removes the card deck and sorts through the cards. He finds one and only one card that is reversed in the face down deck. It matches exactly the card thought of by the spectator. That is climax number one.  

Then the magician tells the audience that to prove there was no manipulation by him while sorting through the cards, this card is also the only card in the red backed deck, with a blue back. That is climax number two. (Although not shown, the face up card in the photograph is the card with the blue back.) 

You receive a deck of Bicycle Rider Back playing cards and complete instructions. You can choose Brainwave from poker or jumbo sizes, making this effect suitable for the close-up magician as well as the stage entertainer. Many performers purchase both sizes to be ready for all types of shows. 

Please specify size when ordering.

$45.00 U.S. (Jumbo Size – 5 inches x 7 inches) 


$15.00 U.S. (Poker Size)

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Invisible Deck

Invisible DeckDavid Blaine performed this close-up illusion on the streets of New York City in front of millions of people during his recent nationally televised special. David simply stopped a man walking down a street and placed a closed card box in his hand. He asked him to think of any card and visualize it turning over. When David removed the cards from the box, one card and only one card was reversed in the deck. It was the spectator’s chosen card! The spectator’s reaction was “…Mind-boggling and Amazing”. 

You may perform the Invisible Deck as described above or with a comedy flair as originated by Eddie Field and Don Alan. The Field/Alan version has an imaginary deck shuffled and a card freely selected from that imaginary deck. A real deck is produced and the chosen card is immediately shown face down in the deck. Either method of presentation is easy to do and very effective. The Invisible Deck is sold complete with instructions. 

NOTE: The Invisible Deck is available with an instructional DVD.  The DVD option will improve your performance quality and shorten your learning time substantially.  Please specify when ordering.

$15.00 U.S. (Poker Size) 


$25.00 U.S. (Poker Size) Includes an Instructional DVD

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52 on One with Surprise Ending 

Fun, Impressive, and Easy to Do!

52-on-One CardYou place an envelope on the table and ask a spectator to select a card from a regular deck. They remember the card and place it back into the deck. You then proudly call attention to the envelope and state that you have predicted in advance the exact card they randomly chose a moment ago. You ask them to name their card out load for the audience. When you open the envelope, a card is displayed with the picture of 52 different cards printed on it. You simply point to their card and wait for the applause. What you will actually receive is a loud groan from the audience. Then you say, “Would you have been more impressed if I had the actual card in the envelope?” They will of course reply “Yes!” Then you turn the 52 on One card over to show their card printed on the back! 

The 52 on One is printed on a poker size card. It’s great for magicians and clowns. Sold with specially printed card and instructions. 

$4.00 U.S. – Poker Size Card

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Color Monte 

This street con has never been so easy to do, and so entertaining at the same time! 

Color MonteThe story line is delightful. The effect is baffling. Color Monte is self resetting which makes it ideal for strolling situations. The effect is unbelievably simple and uses ungimmicked cards. You are left clean at the end without having to palm or hide anything. In fact, the cards may even be examined if you desire. What more could a close-up entertainer need? 

The delightful story unfolds as the street hustler begins with two red cards and one blue card. The hustler engages the man on the street in a simple game of chance. Every time the single blue card is found by the man on the street, he gets a dollar. But if he is wrong, the hustler gets a dollar. We’re talking easy money here – right? Wrong. All of a sudden, the three cards turn red. Then they all turn blue. The man on the street suggests that there are more than three cards. However, when counted there really are only three single cards. 

At this point the man on the street owes the hustler seven dollars. The hustler suggests a final game of “double or nothing”. A single red card and a single blue card are shown. Remembering he started with two red cards and one blue card, the man on the street guesses the last card must be red. Magically, that last card turns out to be green and he owns the hustler fourteen dollars. 

You receive Bicycle poker size playing cards (specially printed in bright colorful foil), a card wallet to safely store the cards in when not performing and complete instructions including the story line. 

$10.00 U.S. 

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Gaffed Card Decks 

Make your own effects

These card decks are specially printed on poker size playing card stock. Where applicable, the back design is Bicycle Rider Back. Each deck comes with a standard card case.

Blank Face Deck (Red) – Faces are completely blank, Backs are regular Red

$10.00 U.S.

Blank Face Deck (Blue) – Faces are completely blank, Backs are regular Blue

$10.00 U.S.

Blank Back Deck – Backs are completely blank, Faces are regular 52

$10.00 U.S.

Double Back Deck (Red/Red) – Both sides of the deck have Red color backs

$10.00 U.S.

Double Back Deck (Blue/Blue) – Both sides of the deck have Blue color backs

$10.00 U.S.

Double Back Deck (Red/Blue) – One side of the deck is Red, the other side is Blue

$10.00 U.S.

Double Face Deck – Both sides of the deck are regular 52 faces

$10.00 U.S.

One Way Force Deck – Faces of all 52 cards are the same value and suit, Backs are regular

$10.00 U.S. (Please specify Red or Blue back when ordering)

Two Way Force Deck – Faces of 26 cards are the same value and suit, Faces of the other 26 cards are the same DIFFERENT value and suit. Backs are regular

$10.00 U.S. (Please specify Red or Blue back when ordering)

Assorted Deck – Deck is an assorted selection of all the following specialty styles:

Blank Face (Red), Blank Face (Blue), Blank Back, Blank Both Sides, Double Back (Red/Red), Double Back (Blue/Blue), Double Back (Red/Blue), Double Face

$18.00 U.S.

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Zig Zag Card

An inspected card is divided into thirds and instantly restored!

Zig Zag CardNow, you too can perform the famous Zig Zag illusion, under close-up conditions, using the Zig Zag Card.

A genuine playing card is shown to the audience and placed into a rigid plastic frame. Immediately the card’s center section can be separated from the top and bottom of the card. A silk handkerchief (not supplied) or your finger can be pushed through the hole proving the card’s center section has actually separated. The frame can be viewed from all sides. The center part of the card is then rejoined to the top and bottom sections. The card is finally removed from the frame and can be passed out immediately for inspection, if you choose.

The Zig Zag Card is simple, impressive, self-working and requires no skill. It is perfect for magicians, clowns, mimes and story tellers. This is an ideal selection for strolling magic, where you are always fully surrounded.

The Zig Zag Card is sold complete with frame, ungimmicked card and instructions.

$8.00 U.S.

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Rising Cards

Self contained – Requires no skill or sleight of hand – Lifetime Warranty!

Rising CardsMysterious and intriguing, the Rising Cards will capture the attention of your audience. The magician has three cards freely selected from the deck of playing cards. Each card is memorized by a member of the audience, then returned to the deck. The deck is held in the magician’s hand and a card is seen rising very slowly and mysteriously from the pack of cards. The rising card is identified by an audience member as one of the selected cards. The deck is now placed against a book. The card deck is not touched by anyone during this second card production. Again, a card is seen rising from the deck and is identified as one of the selected cards. Finally the deck is placed into a drinking glass where it can be observed from all angles. In fact, the glass can even be held by a spectator if desired. Once again, a card is seen rising from the deck and is identified as one of the selected cards.

The Rising Cards are manufactured from Bicycle Poker size playing cards. You receive the specially prepared deck, complete instructions with performance tips and a written manufacturer’s warranty. You supply your own favorite glass.

$25.00 U.S.

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by Phil Goldstein 

No sleights – No Rough & Smooth – An Ultra-Simple Approach to the Brainwave Effect

B'WaveThe beauty of this effect is the seemly fair and unforced choice the spectator in his selection. The method is so simple and subtle, that even magicians learning the effect are impressed with the clean technique. And remember, no sleights or rough & smooth methods are used!

Four blue backed cards are shown. The spectator decides which of the four face down cards to mentally turn over. He then pretends to pluck that card from the packet and place it back into the packet face up. When the cards are spread, the very card that the spectator mentally turned over is found reversed in the deck. To prove this was accomplished by sleight-of-mind rather than sleight-of-hand, the reversed card is now turned over revealing a RED back. As if that wasn’t enough, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how seemingly impossible this fete was, the other cards are turned over revealing each with a blank face.

B’WAVE is available in poker size, including includes cards and detailed instructions.

$12.00 U.S.

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Card Case, Magnetic

Make a Card Vanish or Appear Instantly

Card Case, MagneticAn astounding variety of effects can be performed with this clever prop. You’ll be performing jaw-dropping effects in minutes with this card case. No, this Card Case doesn’t use only the traditional method. The case contains a feature that allows you to turn it upside down to let the card fall out onto the table. You can handle this Card Case with complete confidence. You’ll even fool other magicians.

This simple looking case can be used to instantly produce a card from thin air, or vanish it just as quickly. You can change one card into another. You even receive instructions to perform the famous restored paper effect, using only a piece of regular paper. If you would like to be more creative, you can present the cut and restored string trick. How about performing spirit writing where a blank piece of paper is placed in the case. A pencil is placed on top of the case. When the case is opened and the paper removed, you find a message written on it. It could be a message from the spirits!

If you enjoy mental magic, use the Card Case to perform a mental telepathy effect by having a spectator pick a card from a face down deck and place it, still face down, in the case. By merely concentrating on the case, you can instantly name the unseen card. The Card Case is opened, the card removed and turned over. It matches exactly the named card. There are no other cards seen in the case, before or after the effect!

The Card Case is so versatile, you are limited only by your imagination. The construction and selection of materials makes the Card Case the perfect choice for close-up or platform work. It works well with flat objects and accepts poker sized cards.

You receive one Card Case and illustrated instructions. You supply your favorite card deck or other production/vanish items.

$12.50 U.S. (Not Currently Available)

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21st Century Mindreading

Once You Know the Secret, It Just Doesn’t Get Any Easier!

21st Century Mind ReadingA standard computer floppy diskette, packs more mental magic than anyone ever imagined! This could create another Mission Impossible frenzy.

The entertainer discusses the powers of the mind and relates that the mind uses electrical energy to function, just like a computer uses electrical energy to read write and read information from a floppy diskette. The entertainer suggests that if you were to place a diskette in the aura of someone intensely concentrating, it may be possible to record images of their thoughts. And it that were true, then it may also be possible for another person to actually will himself to actually read those images.

The first spectator selects a card from a deck observes the suit and value and replaces the card back into the deck. He concentrates on his selection. The entertainer places the floppy diskette near the forehead of the first spectator. and then asks the second spectator to place his finger against the diskette and also concentrate. As if by magic, the second spectator correctly names the thought of card.

The really cool part of this effect is that it can be repeated immediately if you choose.

You receive the floppy diskette and complete instructions. You supply your own favorite deck of playing cards.

$12.00 U.S.

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Insurance Policy

Audiences Just Love the “Magician in Trouble” Syndrome

Insurance PolicyWhat a terrific addition to a comedy routine. Not only will the audience love this effect, but you’ll have a great time presenting it! Why will you have a great time? Because you don’t have to worry about the outcome – You’re Insured!

You have a card secretly selected by a spectator. Then, after doing your “magician thing”, you confidently announce the name of the spectator’s randomly selected card. The trouble is – your wrong. OOPS! OK, no problem. You’ll try again. Once more – you’re not even close! While preparing to dodge the tomatoes and rotten eggs from the crazed audience, you scream “I’ve got it!”. The spectator and the audience will want to know exactly what you have. So you carefully present your magician’s Insurance Policy. Inside is a set of Conditions, that are absolutely hilarious. If after hearing these Conditions the audience doesn’t agree to let you off the hook, ask the spectator to open the policy. As he unfolds the policy, a huge image is revealed of his previously selected card measuring 18 inches wide by 24 inches high. The audience is impressed, satisfied and agrees to put away the tomatoes and eggs. The magician is off the hook and all is well.

You receive the Insurance Policy, printed on heavy paper stock and complete instructions that even provides directions for a recommended card force. Don’t let the low price fool you, this is a great routine!

$6.00 U.S.

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Tree Card Monte

Comedy magic with a hint of mystery

Tree Card MonteThere have been so many monte effects on the markets over the years and they all seem to blend together.  But not any more.  Tree Card Monte sets itself apart from all the other monte routines.

The magician “sets up” his audience by slowly and deliberately showing two jokers and a three of hearts.  The three of hearts is place in the middle, between the two jokers.  The cards are slowly turned over and the center card is withdrawn.  When asked what card has been placed on the table, the audience would bet their life savings on the three of hearts.  But what they find is a TREE of HEARTS.  This is comedy magic with a hint of mystery.

This is an easy-to-learn and simple-to-perform effect requiring absolutely no skill.  It is self-contained, allowing you to focus on performing this comedy effect and getting the laughs.

Tree Card Monte is sold complete with cards and instructions.

$5.00 U.S. (Not Currently Available)

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Card Wallet – Regular

The perfect wallet for those packet tricks you want to protect

Card Wallet, Regular

These card wallets are a must for anyone who works with packet tricks! You can store one packet trick on the left side and another on the right.

This regular card wallet serves as a protective carrying case.  It also helps keep you organized and your cards together so they don’t become lost.

Use it to carry gaffed cards, business cards, or whatever else you like.  You can even keep string and ribbon effects protected in these versatile storage wallets.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

$1.50 U.S.

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Card Wallet – Deluxe

2 Hidden Flaps

Card Wallet, Two Hidden FlapsThis multi-purpose Card Wallet – Deluxe is a must for anyone who works with packet tricks!  In addition to the clear flaps on both sides of this vinyl wallet, there is a hidden compartment behind each of the clear flaps.

You can use these hidden extra pockets for additional storage space, or to conceal a gaffed business card, a magnet, or whatever else you like.

This Card Wallet – Deluxe serves as a protective carrying case.  It also helps keep organized and your cards together so they don’t become lost.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

$3.50 U.S.

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Svengali Deck, Deluxe

Amaze your friends without years of practice!

Svengali DeckThe Svengali Deck, Deluxe is without a doubt one of the most amazing deck of cards ever invented. It will allow you to perform like a professional without learning complicated sleight-of-hand. Check out three of the amazing feats of magic performed with the Svengali Deck . . .

The spectator picks a card, memorizes it, and returns the card to the deck. The deck is cut and shuffled, yet the performer cuts the deck exactly to the chosen card! The audience can’t believe it, so the card is returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled again. Once more, the deck is cut, right to the chosen card.

The spectator chooses a card from what is displayed to be a normal deck of cards. However, when the chosen card is returned to the deck, the entire deck changes to match the card!

The performer mentions that he has a friend that is telepathic. A telephone call is placed to the friend. The spectator chooses a card and the friend on the telephone, many miles away, immediately names the card!

The Svengali Deck Deluxe is the professionals choice. Unlike the less expensive Svengali Decks, the cards has been individually die cut to eliminate that tell-tail pointed corner. Any card from this deck can be handled by a spectator who is familiar with playing cards, without fear that they may see that pointed corner. You will feel confident using the Svengali Deck Deluxe.

The Svengali Deck Deluxe is manufactured from genuine Bicycle back, poker size playing cards and comes with instructions.

$12.00 U.S.

We recommend the instructional DVD “25 Amazing Tricks with a Svengali Deck“, sold separately.

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Stripper Deck, Deluxe

Give the Impression of Miraculous Sleight-of-Hand!

Stripper DeckThe Stripper Deck, Deluxe is a powerful magical “tool”. It can allow you to perform tricks like an expert without learning difficult sleight-of-hand. Here are several amazing tricks performed with the Stripper Deck . . .

The spectator selects a card from the deck, remembers it, and returns the card to the deck. The deck is cut, shuffled and placed under the table. You pretend to locate his card, but appear to be having some trouble. You bring the cards out from under the table and ask the spectator to locate his card. He can not find his card, because the card has vanished. You tell him the trick appears to have worked better than you thought, as you bring his card out from under the table.

The deck is shuffled and displayed to be an ordinary deck. You tell the spectators you have sensitive fingers and can cut the deck exactly in half. You attempt to perform this miraculous feat and when counted there are exactly the same number of cards in each half. Then when the spectator turns the cards face up, they find that not only did you cut the deck exactly in half, but one pile is all the red suit cards and the other contains all the black suit cards!

The Stripper Deck Deluxe is the professionals choice. Unlike the less expensive Stripper Decks, each card has been individually die cut to eliminate that tell-tail pointed corner. Any card from this deck can be handled by a spectator who is familiar with playing cards, without fear that they may see that pointed corner. You will feel confident using the Stripped Deck Deluxe.

The Stripper Deck Deluxe is manufactured from genuine Bicycle back, poker size playing cards and comes with instructions.

$12.00 U.S.

We recommend the instructional DVD “25 Amazing Tricks with a Stripper Deck“, sold separately

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Six Card Repeat 

Comedy, Surprise and Magic Blends into True Entertainment 

Six Card RepeatIf this isn’t in your close-up magic repertoire, it should be. This is an absolutely fun and engaging effect. It’s simple to learn, easy to perform and provides the audience with genuine magical entertainment. 

The entertainer counts six playing cards from one hand to the other. Three cards are discarded onto the table. The entertainer counts the remaining three cards. But wait, there’s one – two – three – FOUR – FIVE – SIX.cards still in his hand. OK, let’s try that again. The entertainer counts six cards from hand to hand, very slowly, showing the front and back of the cards. Three cards are discarded onto the table. The entertainer counts the remaining three cards. There’s one – two – three . . . HOLD IT!!!!! . . . There’s also FOUR – FIVE – SIX.cards still in his hand. Believe me when I tell you at this point there is a smile on the face of everyone in the audience. 

Alright, we’ll check this out one more time. The entertainer counts six cards from hand to hand, one at a time, very slowly, showing the front and back of the cards. Three cards are discarded onto the table. The entertainer counts the remaining three cards. There’s one – two – three . . . NO WAY! . . . FOUR – FIVE – SIX.cards still in his hand. Now, just in case you think you’re dreaming, this is repeated AGAIN! 

Really folks, this is solid entertainment that will be enjoyed by any age. You receive the specially prepared cards and instructions. 

$8.00 U.S.

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Ghost Card

A card vanishes right in front of their eyes

Ghost CardI just love effects like this that are up-close and personal for the spectator on stage, yet can be viewed by the theatre audience.

You show six different cards to a spectator and ask him to mentally select one.  While he concentrates on his selection, you count the cards into his open hand one at a time.  Instantly, the card he was thinking of vanishes from the packet of cards.  When you ask him which card he was thinking of, you produce his mentally selected card from your favorite location (your jacket, behind a picture on the wall, your purse, etc.).

The Ghost Card is an easy-to-do, clean and baffling effect.  It does not use rough-and-smooth principle, pocket cards or flaps. You don’t even have to cover the cards, so they never leave the spectator’s sight.  These are jumbo size cards measuring approximately 4 1/4 inches x 6 3/4 inches.  In the photo above, you can compare these jumbo cards to a regular size card.

You receive the Ghost Card cards and complete instructions.

$25.00 U.S.

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