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Cabaret Stand-Up Show


Bill Gormont presents his experience of Cabaret Magic, Illusion and Fun for groups of all ages. For over twenty years he has provided entertainment at corporate banquets, company picnics, community festivals, social group recognition dinners, libraries, museums, schools, child development centers, scouting events, family reunions and more. 


Bill Welcoming Audience at Festival

Photo Credit: Kathy Campbell / Hilton, NY 


Greeting the audience with high energy and a warm smile gets every show off to a great start. Audience participation with wholesome clean family fun is the basis of Bill’s magical entertainment.


Bill's Comedy Magic at Family Library Program

Photo Credit: Paula Smith, Rochester, NY 


Objects vanish and reappear, defying the laws of science, all in the course of a program containing humor, amazing illusion, and a wonderful sense that this magic just might be real! 


Large Family Audience

Photo Credit: Paula Smith, Rochester, NY 


Audiences pack halls and auditoriums to experience and enjoy the fun, laughter and incredible feats of magic. Bill’s shows are tailored to reflect your event theme and reinforce your special message. Deluxe show package options includes professional backdrops and a powerful sound system. 


Small Family Audience

Photo Credit: Kelly Landau, Rochester, NY 


Many corporations and organizations want entertainment outdoors during summer months for picnics and family events. Picnic pavilions and sports facilities are never a problem. Bill designs your show around the facility and your specific needs. 


Comedy Magic at Company Picnic

Photo Credit: Lynn Hudson, Rochester, NY 


Magic has never been so much fun. You’ll witness an incredible performance of mind-reading, experience a “Dream Vacation”, assist Dr. Bill as he performs his first medical procedure and much, much more. 


Magic and Fun with an Audience Member

Photo Credit: Kelly Landau, Rochester, NY 


Party and banquet planners constantly hear these familiar words from Bill’s audiences . . . “How did he do that?” People gasp in amazement and enjoy endless fun and laughter. 


Bill on Stage at a Community Festival

Photo Credit: Kathy Campbell / Hilton, NY 


Bill Gormont’s World of Magic provides that “special touch” to help make your next event a success.

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