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New Item in Magic Shop The Original Tarbell Lessons in Magic Book New Item in Magic Shop

The original lessons just as they appeared in the 1920’s with very few modifications

Tarbell Original LessonsNearly 100 Years Ago Harlan Tarbell began his journey into the art of magic.  The Tarbell System originally consisted of individual lessons sent by mail to budding magicians.  Oh how excited they’d be when the postman would deliver the next installment.  The Tarbell System quickly became a gold standard for lessons in magic.

If you are a beginner or even an expert magician there are great things waiting for you in this collection of magic lessons.

The Original Tarbell Lessons In Magic book contains 60 in depth magic lessons that are taught and illustrated to give you the largest variety of magic possible in one book!  These are the original lessons just as they appeared in the 1920’s with very few modifications to provide clearer instruction.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in the The Original Tarbell Lessons In Magic book

  • Card Magic
  • Paper Magic & Magic with Numbers
  • Coin Magic
  • Egg Magic – Coat & Hat Productions
  • History of Magic
  • Silks, Ribbons & Handkerchief Magic
  • Mind Reading & Spiritualistic Magic
  • Oriental Magic
  • Illusions
  • Billiard Ball & Novelty Magic
  • Rope, Ties & Escapes, Tape & Rubber Band Tricks
  • Chemical & Mechanic Magic  
  • Rabbit & Other Animal Magic
  • Cigarette Magic
  • Thimble Magic
  • And Much More!

The Original Tarbell Lessons In Magic book , 900 pages, 3100 Illustrations, 8 1/4 inches x 11 3/4 inches, illustrations, hard-bound

$80.00 U.S.

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The New Bottle Book

Amazing Tricks, Routines, Tips and Hints with Nielsen Bottles

The New Bottle BookThe New Bottle Book is a collection of over 75 tricks and routine contributions with the fabulous Nielsen bottles by working performers from around the world.

The effects in this book are suitable for both adult and children’s audiences.  The material covers comic and dramatic effects for both stage and platform.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in the The New Bottle Book:

  • Accessories and how to use them
  • Load dropper
  • Labels
  • Crushing effects for vanishing
  • Smash opener
  • Magic with the Coke bottles
  • Topsy Turvey Bottles
  • Bottle to Glass
  • Beer to Coke
  • Bottle to bouquet
  • And much, much more …

The New Bottle Book , 57 pages, 8 1/4 inches x 10 7/8 inches, illustrations, paper-bound

$15.00 U.S.

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On Stage!

Bringing Out the Better Performer In You

On Stage!Whether you are performing on an actual stage, in a living room, or at a table in a restaurant . . . On Stage! will help you be a better, more successful entertainer.  For over 20 years, the author interviewed and studied dozens of outstanding performers.  He used these principles himself in over 4000 performances.  And now this book will teach you how to use these techniques to leave a lasting impression.


Even more importantly, you’ll learn the key to making an audience like you.  It doesn’t matter if they think you’re clever or talented.  If they don’t like you, you’re not coming back!

Some of the topics covered in On Stage!

  • Making a professional entrance
  • Learning to relax in front of an audience
  • Why a relaxed attitude is better than artificial confidence
  • Timing your gag lines
  • How Burling Hull got a standing ovation from a 50 cent trick
  • Breaking in new material
  • Why you must replace some tricks
  • Increase the dramatic impact of each trick
  • How to let the audience know when to applaud
  • Theatrical additives
  • Surprisers vs. shockers
  • Reluctant volunteers, step right up!
  • Seven point success pattern
  • Levitating the art of magic

Since one of the keys to becoming a good performer is gaining experience, you’ll also find a section devoted to getting more bookings.  You may have a great act, but if you haven’t learned to promote that act, nobody will ever get a chance to see it!  You can read On Stage! in just one or two evenings at home, but what a difference it will make for the rest of your performing career!

On Stage!, 64 pages, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrated, soft bound. 

$10.00 U.S.

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Balloons With Your Magic

Comedy Balloon Act for Entertainment and Profit

Balloons With Your Magic Book The Balloons With Your Magic book was dedicated to the many performers who use balloon animals to bring joy and entertainment to people around the world.

Many magicians, clown magicians and other performers can provide more entertainment and earn extra money if they make balloon animals with their magic show.  The best part is, you don’t have to spend countless hours learning how to twist every type of balloon animal there is.  The ability to twist a basic dog balloon allows you to entertain anyone.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in the Balloons With Your Magic book:

  • Games with Balloons
  • Balloons for adults
  • Transporting balloons
  • Balloons as a warm-up
  • Caution again balloon breaking
  • Twisting balloons ahead of time
  • Balloon giveaways
  • Clown walk-around
  • Balloon dog clown skit
  • And much more …

Balloons With Your Magic , 26 pages, 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches, illustrations, spiral-bound

$10.00 U.S.

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Lights! Cameras! Magic!

by Dick and Virgina Williams

A Guide to Performing Magic on Television

Lights! Cameras! Magic!This book is absolutely outstanding! Learn the inside story of how to perform magic on television – from selecting material and writing scripts to finding a sponsor and producing the show.  Lights! Camera! Magic! was written by the performers who hold the record for the longest running weekly TV magic show.  It reveals the secrets of television success.

The authors cover every aspect of performing a magic and variety show on television.  And they’ve held nothing back.  In 12 information packed chapters, you’ll find a step-by-step system to build your successful television career.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to sell a magic show to a TV station
  • Sponsoring, promoting and publicizing
  • Preparing and performing the weekly TV show
  • Developing a working file/The basis 200
  • Features and themes
  • Scripting for television
  • TV tricks
  • TV routines and presentations
  • The TV clown
  • The TV weatherman
  • And much, much more

When Dick and Virginia Williams began their weekly magic show on television, they never dreamed it would be on the air for more than a year or two at the most.  Well, it ran for 23 years.  That’s 1200 straight weeks.  Here’s you chance to learn from the pros as they share their secrets, philosophy and tricks of the trade.

Lights! Camera! Magic!, 202 pages, 8 3/4 inches x 11 1/4 inches, photographs, hardbound

$35.00 U.S.

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Slush Booklet 

Create Miracles With These Incredible Ideas! 

Slush BookSlush Powder teaches you to do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon and the step-by-step instructions in this booklet, you’ll be able to work easy-to-do miracles. 

Slush Powder gives you the power to perform tricks, that formerly required cumbersome gimmicks and apparatus, with the greatest of ease and very little preparation. For years, slush powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic. Now, with this booklet, some careful thought and practice, you’ll be able to perform a wide variety of tricks that are sure to stun any audience. 

Slush Powder begins with general information on slush powder basics of storing, measuring and using this incredible substance. It addresses uses for adult parties and kids shows, plus a section on Jokes, Lines and Gags. 

Inside, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Visibly morph a glass of milk into a handkerchief 
  • Vanish a bowl full of water 
  • Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti 
  • Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands 
  • Plus, over 20 more effects and tricks! 

Slush powder is an amazing secret weapon for magician’s. This book will provide you with all the information you require to create seemingly impossible illusions in seconds.

Slush Powder, 32 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 3/8 inches, illustrated, soft bound. 

$6.00 U.S.

We highly recommend Aqua Slush brand slush powder sold separately.


SPECIAL COMBO OFFER (Slush Powder Book & Aqua Slush) – $11.00 U.S. ($12.50 U.S. Value – Save $1.50)

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Sponge Ball Magic

Sponge ball routines are a staple for the close-up magician

Sponge Ball Magic BookMagic with sponge balls is some of the most powerful in the arsenal of professional and amateur magicians.  With this introductory book on sponge ball tricks, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this astonishing branch of the magical art.

Inside, you’ll find easy-to-learn tricks that are integral parts of professional magicians’ repertoires.  Crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions make sponge ball magic simple to learn and perform.

Here’s what make sponge ball magic so strong:

  • Magic happens right in the spectator’s hand
  • Props are colorful and interesting
  • Tricks are easy to follow, yet baffling
  • The magic can happen anywhere – close-up or on stage
  • Basics learned here can be applied to other branches of magic
  • Props are small and light-weight making it easy for the strolling close-up performer to carry

We highly recommend the Super Soft Sponge Balls by Goshman sold separately.

Sponge Ball Magic , 32 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 3/8 inches, illustrations, softbound

$5.00 U.S.

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Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin

 by Jerry Mentzer

Learn how to perform amazing magic with this unique coin

Magic with a Copper/Silver CoinTricks with coins are always popular with spectators.  For adults and children, money holds a certain fascination that never loses its appear.  This book contains a number of tricks in which copper and silver coins are used together.  The tricks all make use of the well known gimmick, the copper/silver coin. 

Here is an example of an effect from this book:

A copper English penny and a silver color half dollar are used.  The spectator closes his hand over the English penny, seeing it up until the last moment.  The performer holds the half dollar in his fist.  When each opens his hand, the coins have changed places.  That is, the English penny that was in the spectator’s hand has changed into the half dollar.  And the half dollar that was in the performer’s hand has magically become the English penny.  Both coins are tossed into the spectator’s hand for examination.  Folks, this is powerful magic.  But, let the magic happen in the spectator’s hands, and it becomes a miracle!

Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin is a terrific starter book for the coin magician to begin his journey using this important but often overlooked unique prop.


We highly recommend the Copper/Silver Coin effect by Johnson Products sold separately.

Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin , 32 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/4 inches, illustrations, softbound

$8.50 U.S.

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Bill Tube Book 


Clever and Deceptive

Bill Tube BookThe Bill Tube book is an indispensable resource for the beginning magician or the professional worker interested in learning about the Bill Tube effect, it’s origin and modern day uses.

While many magical tricks have come and gone, the ability to vanish or appear an object from a locked brass tube has stood the test of time.  That effect continues to remain a popular mystery.

This book covers this amazing effect and its uses from the basics to more advanced routines.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Bill Tube  book:

  • History and the Basics
  • Bill Transposition
  • Card in Tube
  • Color Divination
  • Super Prediction
  • And more …

Bill Tube , 35 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, softbound

$5.00 U.S.

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Card Boxes Book

Learn the Ability to Make a Card Appear or Vanish

Card Boxes BookThe Card Boxes book teaches you more about an ingenious device that’s been around over 100 years.

This is one of the most versatile pieces of apparatus in magic.  Yet, many magician’s overlook this useful prop.  Use it for card magic, spirit writing, billet switches and more.

This book covers many amazing Card Box effects from the basics to more advanced routines.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Card Boxes book:

  • Basic types and Handling
  • Ghost Writing
  • Wandering Card
  • Jigsaw Box
  • Card Box Sympathy
  • The Missing Word
  • And much more …

We highly recommend the Magnetic Card Box effect by Tenyo sold separately.

Card Boxes , 28 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, soft-bound

$5.00 U.S.

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Magic With Canes Book

The Perfect Beginning to a Platform or Stage Act

Magic With Canes BookThe Magic With Canes takes you back to the Golden Age of magic.  Starting with the history and origins, this book quickly brings you into the modern age with tips, techniques, handing and ideas for app;lications in today’s platform and stage acts.

This book covers many amazing cane effects from the basics to more advanced routines.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Magic With Canes book:

  • History, Handling and Moves
  • Appearing Canes
    • Transformations
    • Rope to Cane
    • Feather to Cane
  • Vanishing Canes
    • Comedy Opening
    • Flash Opening
    • Card Fan Introduction
  • And more …

We highly recommend the Appearing Cane and Vanishing Cane effects by Fantasio sold separately.

Magic With Canes , 30 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, soft-bound

$5.00 U.S.

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Folding Coin Book

The clever coin with endless possibilities

Folding Coin BookThe Folding Coin book is an indispensable resource for the beginning magician or the professional coin worker.  That was evident when David Blaine took a bite out of a coin on national TV.  Basically, what was OLD is NEW again.

While many magical tricks have come and gone, the ability to magically put a coin in a bottle has stood the test of time.  That effect continues to remain a popular mystery for laymen and many magicians have even made a reputation with this trick alone.

This book covers this fascinating coin and its uses from the basics to super routines.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Folding Coin book:

  • Care
  • Maintenance
  • Coin penetrations
  • Coin productions from props
  • Coin productions from bare hands

We highly recommend the Folding Coin effect by Johnson Products sold separately.

Folding Coin, 30 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, softbound

$5.00 U.S.

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Change Bags Book


The change bag is one of the most useful props a magician can own  

Change Bags BookThe change bag is what magicians call a utility prop.  It’s a piece of magical equipment that can work in a trick where one or more objects have to be produced, changed or vanished.

Change Bags contains information on various types of bags and handling.  For the beginner or professional, this is a book that can spark an idea and provide you with techniques and performance styling.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Change Bags book:

  • Change bag types
  • Change bag handling
  • Magical effects
    • Mis-Made Flag
    • Magic Weaving
    • Laundry Pick-up
    • Cut and Restored Necktie
    • Bank Night
    • Miser’s Surprise
    • And nineteen more!

If you’re a platform or stage magician, this book can provide many ideas to freshen and revitalize your act.  If you’re a teacher or corporate trainer, you’ll find techniques and applications for the classroom as well as your next training seminar.

We highly recommend the Tote Bag Deluxe, Zippered Change Bag and Change Bag Deluxe

effects sold separately.

Change Bags, 31 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, softbound


$5.00 U.S.

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Linking Rings Book

Learn the Secrets of a Classic Magic Effect

Linking Rings BookThe Linking Rings book is an indispensable resource for the beginning magician or the professional worker interested in learning about the Linking Rings effect.

While many magical tricks have come and gone, the ability to magically link solid rings of steel has stood the test of time.  That effect continues to remain a popular mystery for laymen and many magicians have even made a reputation with this trick alone.

This book covers this amazing effect and its uses from the basics to more advanced routines.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Linking Rings book:

  • History and Selections
  • Ring Linking and Unlinking
  • Ring Penetrations
  • Basic Routines
  • Ring Counting
  • And more …

We highly recommend the 10 inch Linking Rings effect sold separately.

Linking Rings, 32 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, softbound

$5.00 U.S.

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Spring Flowers Book 

For over 100 years, spring flowers have been beautifying magic one bloom at a time 

Spring Flowers BookSpring flowers are an essential part of any magician’s act. Since the mid-1880’s when Buatier DeKolta of France invented the spring flowers, people have been using this amazing prop to bring color to the cabaret and stage show.

The Spring Flowers book, now brings much of this acquired knowledge to you.  Here are some of the tips and techniques included in this book:

  • Care
  • Storage
  • Classic tricks
    • Flowers from a Cone
    • Gloves to Bouquet
    • Blooming News
  • Newer ideas
    • Thin Air Production
    • Bouquet in a Bag
    • Garden Production
    • Flash Appearance
    • And a dozen more . . .

This magical prop is so versatile, it will be with us forever.  And now you too can learn the secrets of it use.


We highly recommend the Spring Flowers Deluxe effect sold separately.

Spring Flowers, 31 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, softbound

$5.00 U.S.

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Milk Pitcher Book

You Never Knew You Could Do So Much With the Milk Pitcher

Milk Pitcher MagicThe Milk Pitcher book is a terrific investment for your new milk pitcher. It contains over thirty pages chocked full of tips and techniques to make your new prop even more valuable.

In just minutes, you’ll learn how to successfully use your milk pitcher and develop it into one of the most useful props you own.

  • Chapter 1 starts with basic information for use and storage of your new prop. It even provides useful ideas for presentation and acting when using the prop.
  • Chapter 2 steps you through ten simple tricks using the Milk Pitcher.
  • Chapter 3 describes sixteen advanced ideas and discusses the use of additional props to make your new milk pitcher even more effective and useful for larger shows.

We highly recommend the Milk Pitcher and Milk Tex each sold separately.

Milk Pitcher, 32 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, softbound

$5.00 U.S.

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Reels Book

Making the Impossible Possible

Reels BookThe Reels book teaches you about an ingenious devise that until recently has been one of the best well-kept secrets in magic.

The reel supplies the motive power to accomplish some of the spookiest of magical effects … the movement of an inanimate object.

This book covers many amazing reel effects from the basics to more advanced routines.  Here’s a sampling of what your learn in the Reels book:

  • Basic types and Handling
  • Serpent Silk
  • Jumping Silk
  • Ring Flight
  • Tying a Knot
  • Rising Cards
  • Jumping Ring
  • And more …

Reels, 32 pages, 5 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrations, soft-bound

$5.00 U.S.

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Supershells Book

A Magical Masterpiece

Supershells, Camirand Academdy of MagicSupershells is a major contributor to the world of close-up magic.  It’s a knockout routine with three shells and a pea, with an incredible  climax.  Honestly, this book makes everything else obsolete.

Never before in written text have magic instructions been so clear.  Every moment is photographically illustrated, with an immensely readable text.  As well, all the tips, theory,psychology and asides are here, with a breakthrough approach to the presentation and patter scheme.

Supershells includes:

  • An in-depth anatomy of the classic steal
  • The four part routine that was audience tested for twenty years
  • The Pinky Pinch – A brand new diabolical steal that will fool magicians
  • The Pinky Acquitment – An above-the-table acquitment that is simply unbelievable
  • The Sidesteal Sequence – A totally new steal and load principle
  • The Challenge Transposition – The masterpiece finale where the spectator covers the pea with the shell – YOU NEVER TOUCH THE SHELL – yet the same pea appears under another shell guarded by a second spectator!
  • Complete instructions for the REAL way to prepare the shells and pea

Supershells is the definitive routine on the old Army game.  If you can read, you can perform Supershells!

Supershells, 44 pages, 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches, photographs, paper-bound

$12.50 U.S.

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My Canes and Candles

 by Fantasio 

Everything You’ll Ever Want to Know from the Master! 


Canes and CandlesFantasio’s innovative magical inventions have been used for decades by many of the world’s most famous magicians. Now, for the first time, the genius behind the magic explains everything about his brilliant creations in My Canes and Candles. In this beautiful, fully-illustrated volume, you’ll learn everything you ever needed to know about Fantasio’s appearing and vanishing canes, candles and wands: their care and maintenance, complete effects and routines, and innovative ideas that could only have been thought of by their inventor. 

Contents Include: 

The Fantasio Canes and Candles · The Appearing Cane · Tricks with the Appearing Cane · The Vanishing Cane · Tricks with the Vanishing Cane · The Vanishing Wand · Tricks with the Vanishing Wand · The Vanishing Candle · Tricks with the Vanishing Candle · The Appearing Candle · Tricks with the Appearing Candle · Cane and Candle Combinations · More With Canes · More With Candles · Canes and Candles Encore · Canes and Candles to Bouquets · Tricks with Feather Bouquets · and more! 

There are ideas here for all magicians, even for those who don’t perform manipulative magic. What’s more, this is the very first time that all of this information has been collected in one volume, making it an instant classic and a must-have for every magician’s library. If you own or plan to own a Fantasio cane or candle, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. 

Hear what other professionals think about his work . . . 

“Fantasio, you are one of my true ‘inspirators.’ ” – David Copperfield 

“Fantasio, thank you for what you have done for magic.” – Lance Burton 

“Fantasio, you levitated the stature of magic to an elegant art form.” – Siegfried and Roy 

“Fantasio, you are a very talented magician. My sincere thanks for your many fine contributions to our art of magic.” – Mark Wilson 

“Fantastic is the word for Fantasio.” – Walt Disney 

My Canes and Candles, 136 pages, 8 1/2 inches x 11 1/4 inches, illustrated, photographs, hardbound with dust jacket. 

$40.00 U.S.

NOTE: We highly recommend Fantasio’s Appearing Candle, Vanishing Candle, Appearing Cane and Vanishing Cane, all sold separately.  


$60.00 U.S. – (COMBO OFFER – Buy the My Canes and Candles Book and any one of the Fantasio Appearing or

                     Vanishing products) ($65.00 U.S. Value – Save $5.00)

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Creative Kid Talk

by David Ginn, Steve Taylor and Sammy Smith

Practical Advice on Entertaining Children 

Creative Kid TalkLearn how to be the best kids’ show entertainer you can be from three of the top professional performers in the field. Pros David Ginn, Steve Taylor and Sammy Smith share their combined years of professional experience. 

Creative Kid Talk includes the following important and very useful information:

  • Audience Participation  
  • Treating Audience Helpers with Respect  
  • Sucker Tricks for Kids  
  • Entertaining Pre-Schoolers
  • Working Outdoor Family Shows 
  • Adult Volunteers In Kid-shows 
  • Mixing Messages with Magic 
  • New Twists On Old Tricks 
  • Entertaining Adults at Kid-shows
  •  and more 

“…carefully written and well produced…this book is bound to be of use to any performer, on or off television, who performs extensively for children and family audiences.” – Jamy Ian Swiss 


Creative Kid Talk, 144 pages, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, hardbound 

 $15.00 U.S.

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Dove Pan-Orama

by Bruce Posgate

Everything you ever wanted to know about a Dove Pan … and then some!

Dove Pan-OramaYou simply won’t believe the incredible collection of new ideas for the use of a dove pan. Bruce guides you through dove pan applications ranging from very serious routines to knee slapping comedy. He has even thrown in a couple of really weird ideas just to keep you on your toes!

Bruce has gathered these gems of dove pan wisdom from his experience and many contributors who have spent a career learning what to do and what not to do with this popular magical prop. Dove Pan-Orama provides you with ideas that have been tested in real world situations and actually work. There are dozens of delightful dove pan deceptions to expand your use of the dove pan. You’ll find ideas for kids shows, wonderful patter stories, recommended hints, suggested performance tips, ideas for unique production items and even instructions to make some of those productions pieces yourself – like a giant card castle. Yes, you read that correctly – you’ll learn how to make your own card castle!


Read all about: Jelly Bean Soup, Castles in the Air, The Chinese Magician, A Colorful Chandelier, The Miser’s Nightmare, Wine and Roses, The Elusive Birthday Cake as well as dozens of other practical and amusing ideas.


We highly recommend the Dove Pan and Chick Pan each sold separately

Dove Pan-Orama, 48 pages, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, soft bound.

$10.00 U.S.

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101 Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks

by Bill Tarr

101 Easy-To-Do Magic Tricks, TarrThis illustrated, easy-to-follow book offers beginning magicians expert advice for successfully performing over 100 tricks, each graded according to difficulty.  Requiring neither sleight-of-hand nor complex props, these fascinating tricks can all be performed with everyday objects.

Step-by-step instructions, complemented with nearly 400 explanatory illustrations, show you how to master such all-time classics as Cut and Restored String, Dyeing the Silks, Chinese Rings, Rising Cards, The Dollar Bill in the Lemon, Stamp Album Trick,  Vanishing Gloves, Flowers from Nowhere, Ring on the Rope, Vanishing Wand, Penetrating Silk, Production Tubes, Silk Through Glass, Vanishing Bowl of Water and much, much more.

In addition to complete instructions, the text includes a glossary of professional terms, notes on constructing necessary props and a brief but fascinating section on great magicians, past and present.  With the instructions and knowledge in this book, you will soon be mystifying friends and family.

101 Easy-To-Do Magic Tricks, 222 pages, 392 illustrations, 8 3/4 inches by 11 inches, softbound

$10.00 U.S.

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Complete Course in Magic

by Mark Wilson

Incredibly Detailed Instruction in the Art of Magic

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in MagicMark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic contains the secrets to over 300 classic tricks and illusions. You’ll discover incredible illusions using cards, coins, sponge balls, string, rope, cups and balls and more. The topics will also include sleight of hand and mentalism with a special section on illusions.

This book also contains a large section on how to make many of your own tricks and illusions. You are even given dimensions and a list of materials to help you with the building activities. The directions for each effect are well written in a clear, concise manner and include hundreds of photos, illustrations and diagrams.

The Complete Course in Magic is so good, many magic instructors actually use it as a text for class instruction. This hardback book is printed on high quality paper to give you years of service. This volume will make a great addition to your reference library. It is one of the most practical books about magic you will ever own.

Complete Course in Magic, 472 pages, 8 3/4 inches x 11 1/4 inches, hardbound.

$28.00 U.S.

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Tarbell Course in Magic

by Dr. Harlan Tarbell

Contains Many of the World’s Oldest & Most Closely Guarded Secrets of Magic.

Tarbell Course in MagicThe Tarbell Course in Magic has been referred to by many conjurer’s as “The Magician’s Bible”. This instructive work of Dr. Harlan Tarbell includes eight hard bound volumes, featuring 103 lessons instructed in over 3,400 pages with over seven thousand illustrations!

The material originally was supplied by Harlan Tarbell through a mail order service, one lesson at a time. The introduction of the course in 1926 was regarded as “The greatest thing that has ever happened in magic teaching.” Having said that, the Tarbell Course in Magic remains a “modern classic”, even after 75 years. This course was read by the likes of Harry Blackstone Sr., Percy Abbott, Cardini, Devant, Dante, David Copperfield and more. Remember, the original course was not intended as entertainment, but rather as a comprehensive treatment of explanation and skill transfer through written description, explanation and painstaking illustration to deliver a valuable source of material to train magicians.

Dr. Harlan Tarbell wrote, “A magician is not a magician because he knows tricks, but because he knows Magic – the principles, the fundamentals.”

Volume 1

1. History of Magic; 2. Magic as a Science; 3. Sleight of Hand with Coins; 4. Coin Tricks; 5. More Coin Tricks; 6. The Thumb Tip; 7. Impromptu Tricks; 8. Ball Tricks; 9. Mathematical Mysteries; 10. Effective Card Mysteries; 11. Impromptu Card Mysteries; 12. Mental Card Mysteries; 13. Card Sleights; 14. Novel card Mysteries; 15. Restoring Torn Papers; 16. Rope and Tape Principle; 17. Handkerchief Tricks; 18. Knotty Silks; 19. Eggs and Silks

$20.00 U.S.

Volume 2

20. How to Please your Audience; 21. Magic with Wands; 22. Double Paper Mysteries – many deceptive effects; 23. Magic with Coins; 24. Cigarette Magic, with lighted and unlighted cigarettes; 25. Sleight of Hand with Cards – back palm, seconds, etc.; 26. Selected Card Mysteries; 27. Rising Cards (17 methods); 28. Egg Magic – Tarbell’s Egg Bag – Unbreakable Egg, etc.; 29. Billiard Ball Manipulation; 30. Handkerchief Magic, Deluxe; 31. Rope Magic – new, clever; 32. “Ghostlite” Mysteries; 33. Illusions – low cost effects

$25.00 U.S.


Volume 3

34. Routining a Magic Show; 35. How to Make People Laugh; 36. Intimate Magic; 37. Conjuring with Currency; 38. Modern Coin Effects; 39. Fundamental Card Sleights; 40. Card Mysteries; 41. Card Stabbing; 42. Novelty Handkerchief Magic; 43. Color Changing Silks; 44. Rabbit and Dove Magic; 45. Illusions

$25.00 U.S.


Volume 4

46. Novelty Magic, wide variety; 47. Thimble Magic – complete act; 48. Swallowing Needles and Blades; 49. Unique Card Magic; 50. Novelty Rising Cards; 51. Card Transition Tricks; 52. Mental & Psychic Mysteries; 53. The Thumb Tie – 10 Methods; 54. Chinese Linking Rings; 55. Magic with Ribbon; 56. Silken Trickery; 57. Slate Tricks, new & novel methods with 1 & 2 slates; 58. Illusions – Fu Manchu’s

$25.00 U.S.


Volume 5

59. Unique Magic; 60. More Unique Mysteries; 61. Four Ace Effects; 62. Modern Mental Mysteries; 63. Hat and Coat Productions; 64. Oriental Magic; 65. Original Oriental Secrets; 66. Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries; 67. Modern Rope Magic; 68. Magic of the Bambergs; 69. Magic with Bowls and Liquids; 70. Illusions; 71. Publicity and Promotion

$25.00 U.S.


Volume 6

72. Novel Ball Magic; 73. Unique Card Effects; 74. Novelty Magic; 75. Rope Magic; 76. Mindreading Mysteries; 77. X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects; 78. Silk and Rope Penetrations; 79. Escapes and Substitutions; 80. Spirit Ties and Vest Turning; 81. Modern Stage Magic; 82. Stage Productions; 83. Magic as Theatre

$25.00 U.S.


Volume 7

84. More Mental Magic; 85. Card Magic; 86. Rope Magic; 87. Novelty Magic; 88. Money Magic; 89. Silk Magic; 90. Illusions You Can Make; 91. Late Arrivals

$25.00 U.S.


Volume 8

92. Thoughts and Advice; 93. Mysteries of the Seance; 94. Further Unique Mysteries; 95. Magic with Cards; 96. Oriental Magic; 97. Magic of the Mind; 98. Rope Magic; 99. Chalk Talk Magic; 100. Magic with Apparatus; 101. Comedy Magic; 102. Pantomime Illusions; 103. Making Magic Pay.

$30.00 U.S.


Order All 8 Volumes for Only $190.00 U.S. ($200.00 Value – A $10.00 Savings!)

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Modern Coin Magic

by J. B. Bobo

116 Coin Sleights and 236 Coin Tricks

Modern Coin Magic, BoboWhen party guests request a few tricks, be prepared. Simply ask for a coin – and begin! Coins will vanish then suddenly appear in the most bizarre locations. The coins will change denominations and could actually appear to turn into another object like a small ball etc. Your audience will be astounded.

You will learn all about palms, holds, flips, switches, change-over, steals, cuffing, sleeving and other sleight-of-hand techniques. Coin tricks requiring special devices are also included. The author guides you systematically from basic techniques, concealments and vanishes, through integrated tricks to complete routined acts. His clear explanations are complemented by 510 crisp illustrations.

This book is the most complete treatise ever written on sleight-of-hand coin conjuring. Celebrated magician J. B. Bobo has gathered for you the best and most useful of all coin tricks. These tricks come from Bobo’s fertile mind as well as four dozen notable prestidigitators, including such greats as Robert Houdin, Professor Hoffman and the greatest of all coin conjurers T. Nelson Downs.

Sleight-of-hand magic has consistently earned the respect of professional magicians. If you are yet an amateur, this easy to follow manual, together with regular practice, can lead to professional level competence. For professionals, this volume is a convenient encyclopedic reference that gathers in one place all the best coin magic from antiquity to modern times.

Modern Coin Magic, 358 pages, 5 5/8 inches x 8 1/4 inches, softbound.

$10.00 U.S.

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On the Corner Short

by Jerry Mentzer

Difficult moves are made easy with this subtle technique   

On the Corner ShortThis booklet discusses a very interesting and useful concept in card magic, the corner short card.  In addition to the basics of how to make this speciality card and how to use it, several effects are also described.

Corner short cards are little known and rarely used by card magicians.  The few performers that do use this technique have kept it a well guarded secret.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Many difficult effects are easily accomplished, even with a borrowed deck
  • Promotes open and clean card deck handling
  •  Remove the clutter of sleights and cramped hand positions

Over the past several years, nearly ecery deck of cards owned by the author has contained a corner short card.  The card has proved its usefulness.

On the Corner Short, 15 pages, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrated, softbound

$8.50 U.S.

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Lickity Split

by Martini

The Art of Splitting Cards

Lickity Split BookSpeciality cards are expensive and sometimes hard to find.  Since magic is a such a creative art, many ideas for spectacular card effects never even get to the performance phase, simply because the gimmicked card needed just was not available or perhaps never made.  So what are creative magicians to do?  Simple, make their own!

Martini learned the art of card splitting from a select pair of magical artists.  The activity of splitting cards to make a speciality card is a dying art.  He wanted to save the craft and preserve its techniques for future magicians, hence the writing of Lickity Split.

Card splitting is not hard.  But it does require a precise technique, knowledge of materials to use and the detailed steps of preparation and assembly.

Martini takes you through slowly through the steps and provides tremendous detail with many illustrations enabling you with everything you need to know to make that special gimmicked card you’ve been searching for.  Well, stop looking.  Lickity Split is here.

Lickity Split, 22 pages, 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches, illustrated, spiral bound

$12.00 U.S.

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Modern Magic

by Professor Hoffmann

A Practical Treatise on THE ART OF CONJURING

Modern Magic, BookTime Flies!  And a great deal of time has passed since Professor Hoffmann wrote Modern Magic in 1876.  Yet, the fundamental principles of magic and the principles of performance are as valid today as they were in the late 1800’s.  Harry Houdini described Professor Hoffman as “the Brightest Star in the Firmament of magical literature”.

Each trick is explained clearly and in detail, with supporting illustrations, and as Professor Hoffmann has said, the book is designed to give an account of the most up-to-date methods of magic, and to enable the conjurer of the twentieth century to start fully equipped…”

When Professor Hoffmann wrote Modern Magic, it was one of the most comprehensive volumes in existence.  Today, there is still much to learn from this invaluable reference book.

  • Chapter I: Magician’s Wand, Table and Dress
  • Chapter II: General Principles of Sleight-of-Hand Applicable to Card Tricks
  • Chapter III: Card Tricks with Ordinary Cards, and Not Requiring Sleight-of-Hand
  • Chapter IV: Tricks Involving Sleight-of-Hand, or the Use of Specially Prepared Cards
  • Chapter V: Card Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
  • Chapter VI: Principles of Sleight-of-Hand More Especially Applicale to Coin Tricks
  • Chapter VII: Tricks with Coin Without Apparatus
  • Chapter VIII: Tricks with Coin Requiring Special Apparatus
  • Chapter IX: Tricks with Watches
  • Chapter X: Tricks with Rings
  • Chapter XI: Tricks with Handkerchiefs
  • Chapter XII: Tricks with Dominoes and Dice
  • Chapter XIII:The Cups and Balls
  • Chapter XIV: Ball Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
  • Chapter XV: Hat Tricks
  • Chapter XVI: Miscellaneous Tricks
  • Chapter XVII: Stage Tricks
  • Chapter XVIII: Concluding Observations
  • Appendix Chapter I: Introduction – Ancient and Modern Magic, Automatons
  • Appendix Chapter II: Kempelen
  • Appendix Chapter III: Theodin
  • Appendix Chapter IV: Automata – Psycho
  • Appendix Chapter V: Marionettes
  • Appendix Chapter VI: Clairvoyance
  • Appendix Chapter VII: Spiritualism
  • Appendix Chapter VIII: Parlor Magic

Modern Magic was the first book in English to really explain how to do the classic effects of magic.  Today, it remains a cornerstone of the conjurer’s art.  This book is an absolute must for every professional and amateur performer of magic.

Modern Magic, 563 pages, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrated, softbound

$15.00 U.S.

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Later Magic

by Professor Hoffmann

Another Practical Treatise on THE ART OF CONJURING

Later Magic, BookTime continues to fly!  In 1904, some 28 years after Professor Hoffman wrote his first book Modern Magic (1876), so much had changed in the art of conjuring.  He felt it was time to further update the craft and he wrote Later Magic.

As in his first book, each trick was explained clearly and in detail, with supporting illustrations.  Even while the performers today have become very modernized and technologically savvy, there is still much to learn from this invaluable companion reference book.

  • Chapter I: The Conjurer’s Dress and Contrivances in Connection Within
  • Chapter II: Appliances and Expedients of General Utility
  • Chapter III: A Special Table and Some Tricks Performed by its Aid
  • Chapter IV: The Magic Wand and Tricks Therewith
  • Chapter V: Tricks with Watches
  • Chapter VI: Tricks with Rings
  • Chapter VII: Tricks with Handkerchiefs
    • Section I: The Magical Production of Handkerchief
    • Section II: The Multiplication of Handkerchiefs
    • Section III: Colour Changing Tricks
    • Section IV: Methods of “Vanishing” a Handkerchief
    • Section V: Methods of Re-producing a Vanished Handkerchief
    • Section VI Miscellaneous Handkerchief Trick
  • Chapter VIII: Flag Tricks
  • Chapter IX: Tricks with Gloves
  • Chapter X: Tricks with Eggs
  • Chapter XI: Tricks with Hats
  • Chapter XII: Miscellaneous Tricks

This book is a must for every professional and amateur performer of magic.

Later Magic, 554 pages, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, illustrated, softbound

$15.00 U.S.

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Trade Show Secrets Revealed

by Paul Kannen

Professional Tips, Techniques and Elements of Success

Trade Show SecretsThe ideas in Trade Show Secrets Revealed have worked for Phil Kannen over and over again, year after year. These secrets can be put to immediate use by the serious entertainer wanting to crack the lucrative trade show circuit. Phil Kannen states in the introduction, “If you are a powerful performer and concentrate on your marketing, you can work as much as you want and earn an executive’s salary.”

Phil tried to make this a complete course covering every facet of booking yourself in this business. Here’s a sampling of the topics covered by this book:

  • Are You Good Enough?
  • Securing Prospects
  • How to Sell Yourself to Get Work
  • Things to Know at the Job Interview
  • Preparation After You Get the Job
  • Working “The Big Show”
  • Tips on How to Double Your Income
  • Referral and Re-bookings

This book may well be the most important investment you will ever make for your career. Trade Show Secrets Revealed has the information to help you decide if you should enter the trade show market and then shows you how to succeed. This book has no “fluff” in it. It is filled with hard, cold facts and proven-to-work ideas, tips and recommendations by a successful, working professional. This book is a must for the corporate entertainer.

Trade Show Secrets Revealed, 29 pages, 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches, spiral bound.

$20.00 U.S.

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The Books of Wonder – Volume 2

by Tommy Wonder & Stephen Minch

Passion and Magic

Books of WonderThose are the main ingredients that infuse The Books of Wonder and make them unique in the literature of conjuring. In the two volumes that make up this work Tommy Wonder, with all the fervency of a lover, amasses the fruits of an intense passion for magic spanning more than twenty-five years. Tricks, routines, tools and essays mingle and build on one another to create a detailed picture of how magic is raised from a craft to an art, and made a meaningful, theatrical experience for its audience.

Tommy Wonder is among the most respected professional magicians in the world today, widely recognized as a master in the arenas of both close-up and stage magic, and one of the top experts on the subject of attention direction (commonly known as “misdirection”).

Volume I of The Books of Wonder begins with a lengthy chapter on intermediate and advanced attention direction, containing professional information revealed here for the first time. Following this are chapters detailing close-up magic with cards and coins, an extensive explanation of Mr. Wonder’s professional treatment of “Wild Card” designed for continuous walk-around performance, and a selection of original platform tricks. The magic in Volume I concludes with “The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet”, a trick that has baffled the best minds in and out of magic. Not Available – Presently Out-of-Print

Volume II of The Books of Wonder opens with a substantial chapter on close-up magic with other objects than cards and coins, and includes insightful essays on problems related to close-up performance, such as how do you approach tables, introducing yourself and your magic, do you sit or stand while performing, dealing with noisy environments and more. The second chapter is devoted to breakthroughs in Cups and Balls work. Tommy Wonder’s famous Two-cup Routine is featured in an updated form. Other chapters offer manipulative tricks and routines for the platform and stage, invaluable utility devices that can create apparent miracles, and innovations for the Vanishing Birdcage, Zombie and the Nest of Boxes. All this is accompanied by an iconoclastic refutation of “The Too Perfect Theory” and further fascinating and informative essays.

The Books of Wonder may well be one of the most important works on magic ever written. In its pages are found important contributions to conjuring’s storehouse of tricks, psychology and philosophy. But most important, these volumes chronicle one man’s lifelong love affair with magic in a way never before achieved.

The Books of Wonder, 7 1/4 inches x 10 1/4 inches, hardbound with dust jacket.

Volume I – 327 pages – $45.00 U.S.   Not Currently Available

Volume II – 342 pages – $45.00 U.S.

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Clown Magic

by David Ginn

Clowning and Magic Blended in an Easy-to-Learn Format

Clown Magic, GinnClowning is fun. Magic is fun. Putting the two together doubles the fun and enjoyment. In this book you will learn how to effectively combine the humor and funny antics of clowning with the thrill and enchantment of magic.


This is not simply a book about clowning, nor is it just a book of comedy magic tricks. It is a guide on how to be entertainingly funny using magical effects and offbeat stunts in a clownish way.

All the tricks and gimmicks described in this book are very simple to perform and can be learned in a few minutes. Most require absolutely no manipulative or sleight-of-hand skill. The entertainment comes from the way the tricks are presented and not from the tricks themselves.

Subjects covered in this book include: how to mix clowning and magic, creating laughter, working with children, comedy warm-ups, audience participation techniques, magical fun with kids, covering mistakes, clown stunts, silly close-up gags, walk-around clowning, birthday party stunts, clown magic on stage and more. The book is loaded with hundreds of tried and tested comedy effects with dozens of complete clown magic skits and routines.

Clown Magic, 160 pages, 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches, soft bound.

$25.00 U.S.

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