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Christmas Magic Show


Get your Christmas Holiday Celebration off to a great start this year and keep it bustling with fun. Bring live entertainment to your event with Bill Gormont who presents The Christmas Magic Show, complete with illusion, laughter and fun for ages 4 to 104. Greeting the audience with high energy and a warm smile, Bill kicks the Holiday Season up a notch, as the entire family enjoys the magical time of their lives. 


Fun at an Organization Christmas Program

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Henrietta, NY 


The Christmas Magic Show is perfect for your Corporate/Organization Family Holiday Party, Breakfast/Lunch with Santa, Community Christmas Tree Lighting, Church Holiday Programs, YMCA Christmas Events as well as Parks and Recreation Department Activities. This show is suitable for presentation to all ages in a variety of venues from a theatre to a moderately sized meeting/banquet room. 


Even Bill was Surprized with the Little Helper's Magic

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Henrietta, NY 


He uses a heavy dose of audience participation to keep the show flowing smoothly. The result is always plenty of magic, excitement and surprise. Young elves from the audience take the stage and become the magician’s special assistants as they help prepare a snack for the jolly old elf, solve a big problem with Santa’s suit, help grow and trim the magical Christmas tree and much, much more. 


Audience Volunteer Helping with Santa's Suit

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Henrietta, NY 


These special times become a true “Kodak Moment” as mom and dad have a chance to take that perfect picture for the family photo album. 


Volunteer Dressing Like an Elf to Find the Christmas Tree Trimming

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Henrietta, NY 


Objects vanish and reappear, defying the laws of science, all in the course of a program containing humor, amazing illusion, and a wonderful sense that this Christmas magic just might be real! 


Helpers Make the Correct Magical Choice and Find the Wreath

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Henrietta, NY 


Magic is the perfect form of entertainment for children, teens and adults. Families pack halls and auditoriums to enjoy the live action, skits, comedy and fun. Children’s audiences as well as adult groups are WOWed by the illusions and impossible things that happen right before their eyes. 


Bill Wishing Everyone a Magical and Happy Holiday Season

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Henrietta, NY 


Bill provides that “special touch” to help make your Christmas Holiday event a success. Ask about the Deluxe Show Package options that include professional backdrops and a powerful sound system. 

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