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New Item in Magic ShopGim-Crack Microphone Holder New Item in Magic Shop 

The Best Kept Secret Has Just Been Exposed

Gim-Crack Microphone Holder with MicGim-Crack Microphone HolderThe best hand-held mic holder ever invented is finally available again.  Entertainers, MCs, musicians, clergy and professional speakers have raved about this little device for years.  It’s a hands-free holder for a hand-held microphone.


Think about it.  If you move around the stage a lot and need to use both hands during your performance or presentation, a hand-held microphone (with or without a stand) just will not work.  You ask the sound man for a lavalier or lapel microphone.  A lot of times, they don’t have one.  In the past, people would just yell really loudly or try to fashion a microphone holder out of a piece of rope to hang the hand-held microphone around their neck.  The microphone wouldn’t stay in place, dropped out and the rope just didn’t get the job done.  Well, the solution has finally arrived.  The Gim-Crack Microphone Holder is the solution to your hand-held microphone headaches!


Check out these unique features:

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easily adjustable length fits all neck sizes (men, women, teens and children)
  • Adjustable holder fits all sizes of hand-held microphones
  • Holds the microphone securely
  • The black color compliments all costumes and wardrobes
  • Compact size fits easily into a jacket side-pocket

The next time you’re on stage and the lavalier or lapel mic you’re wearing dies or picks up interference, simply take the Gim-Crack out of you pocket, walk over to the hand-held mic, place it in the Gim-Crack and you’re ready to go.

Many of our customers have purchased two … one for the show case and one for the car.  Hey, you never know when you’ll need one.  They hired a professional – now you will look like one with the Gim-Crack Microphone Holder.

You receive one Gim-Crack Microphone Holder.  You supply the microphone.

$20.00 U.S.

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New Item in Magic Shop Purse Frame New Item in Magic Shop

Magically Produce Something From Nowhere – Literally!

Purse FrameHave you ever wanted to produce something from somewhere that was impossible?  Well, the Purse Frame is that “somewhere” to produce that “something” from.  If you can secretly hold “it” in your hand, “it” can be produced from the Purse Frame.

Just what is that “something” I’m talking about?  You could produce a sponge ball to begin your sponge ball routine, or introduce a thimble for your classic thimble manipulation.

If you perform a coin matrix this is just the ticket.  Bring out the four cards and three coins.  Looking around you realize that you forgot your fourth coin at home.  Take out the Purse Frame, open it up, reach inside the open frame with your index finger and thumb and take out that fourth coin.  Heck, you can even produce a 14 inch wand from your sleeve, through your hand, into the Purse Frame and “VOILA”, you’re in business.   Seriously, you are limited only by your own imagination.

You receive the Purse Frame.  You use your own favorite production items.

$5.00 U.S.

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Hat Coils 

For the Production Artist in You 

Hat CoilsHat Coils make a great item. Use them to add excitement to your show. The audience will be absolutely amazed with the yards and yards of paper ribbon you will produce from your square circle, mirror box, change bag or other production devices. After the huge pile of paper ribbon is produced, it makes a terrific cover for the production of a rabbit, dove, fountain of silks or bouquet of flowers.

The Hat Coils measure approximately 4 7/8 inches diameter and 1/2 inch wide. The core is easily removed to provide a quick release from your favorite prop. You receive four Hat Coils in each package. Note: Colors may vary from those shown in the photograph.

$20.00 U.S. (Temporarily Not Available)

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New Item in Magic ShopSnowstorm in China, Ultimate – Refill PacketsNew Item in Magic Shop

Confetti Refills for Snowstorm in China and Other Confetti Related Illusions

Snowstorm in China RefillsThese are the original “Snowstorm in China” gimmicks first brought to the market by Larry Maples and Raven in 1988. They are manufactured from high quality white paper, not the dingy gray available elsewhere.  The paper reflects the light, making the effect even more amazing and beautiful.

David Cresey Products has been producing and distributing these original Snowstorm packets since the early 1990’s!

These refill packets are handcrafted in the USA by the paper professionals at Cresey Products.  Each box contains one dozen non-reuseable gimmicks.  Each packet contains 3000 flakes. Color: Classic White.

$18.00 U.S. (Temporarily Not Available)

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Balloons – Clear #11

Balloon Refills for Needle Thru Balloon and Other Balloon Related Illusions

Balloon, Clear #11 RefillsThese clear #11 balloons are the perfect refills for the Needle Thru Balloon effect.  They have been designed and manufactured with a thicker material at both ends of the balloon.  The sidewall is thin, allowing the needle and ribbon/string to be visible through the side.

The balloons are easy to inflate and have a slightly longer neck, making them simple to tie off and attach to apparatus.

These balloon refills have a number of other valuable uses to include the Balloon to Dove, Forgetful Freddy, Silk in Balloon and much more.

Hint:  To keep your balloons fresher longer, store them in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight and sealed in an airtight container.

You receive twelve clear #11 balloons.

$5.00 U.S.

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The Little Pail & The Little Grater

They’re Cute, They’re little, They’re Comedy!

Little Pail / Little GraterOnce in a while it seems as if some things were just made for each other. Like wine and cheese, milk and cookies and now The Little Pail and the Little Grater.

What ever am I talking about – Right?

Well, picture this. You have just completed performing a close-up magical miracle and the audience is applauding wildly. At this point they could not imagine anything better, when you ask, “Would you like to see some more magic that is a little greater?” When they say yes, reach in your pocket and bring out your Little Grater!

Yes, you’re right. The audience will groan. But you’re not done yet. Then you say, “I know what you mean. When I perform magic like this, I sometimes get a little pale.” Reach in your other pocket and bring out your Little Pail!  NOW they will groan and they may even “boo” you, because these puns are really, really bad. But trust me on this, folks. The audience will absolutely love it … a lot.  Hey – Sometimes your magic presentation needs to be on the edge!

Now here’s the really cool part … the Little Grater and Little Pail both work!  You can actually grate cheese and carry liquid. Now, I ask you … Is that good or what?

The Little Grater is 1 1/2 inches wide x 1 inch deep and stands 2 5/8 inches high. The Little Pail is 2 3/8 inches tall to the top of the handle and has a diameter of 1 5/8″ inches.

$6.00 U.S. (Little Grater with Instructions)

$6.00 U.S. (Little Pail with Instructions)



$11.00 U.S. (Purchase Both and SAVE) ($12.00 U.S.Value – A $1.00 U.S. Savings!)

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Flower Sleeve Bouquet

No Dirt or Water Needed – Just Solid Magic!

Sleeve BouquetEveryone expects a magician to produce flowers. These feather sleeve bouquets have been designed to allow you do do just that.

They collapse to a small size and are easily secured in your coat sleeve, inside your coat or in props.

The Flower Sleeve Bouquet is brightly colored and is equipped with a large ring on the bottom of the stem to allow you to easily grasp the bouquet and withdraw it for your production.

Many variety performers use several bouquets in their act. You can produce them one at a time. Or you can produce two at once (holding them as if they were one bouquet), then bringing both hands together, the bouquets are magically and instantly separated. This is an applause getter! I know – I have been doing this for years!

The Flower Sleeve Bouquet stands 15 inches tall, includes five multi-colored blooms and instantly expands to provide a burst of color that adds to any act.

You receive one Flower Sleeve Bouquet and instructions.

$20.00 U.S.

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Spring Flowers, Deluxe 

A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers Instantly Appears! 

Spring FlowersNo magic show is complete without the appearance of beautiful flowers. Now you too can add grace and charm to your performance with the production of a bouquet of flowers.

These spring flowers are perfect for magicians, clowns, M.C.’s story tellers and variety performers to use with production devices like dove pans, square circles, change bags, mirror boxes and much more. The paper flowers have heavy weight leaf backings and concealed steel spring stock for quick release and opening. A separate green string is attached to each flower, holding them together as a bouquet. If desired, the strings can be separated and the flowers used individually or in smaller groups.

Each bouquet measures approximately 9 inches in diameter when fully opened, and contains 25 individual flowers. Before opening, the spring flower package measures 4 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. Spring flowers make a beautiful addition to any act.

$12.00 U.S.

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$1,000,000 Bill 

So, you want to be a millionaire?
This is a deal you CAN afford!

Million Dollar BillMove over game show hosts.  Now, you too can give away a million dollars.

Just check out the photo of the bill segment at the right. These bills look so much like the real thing, that the words Non-Negotiable and a brief disclaimer statement is printed in small print on each side. This way you don’t have to continuously look over your shoulder to see if the Fed’s are coming after you. You see, we take care of ALL the fine points!

But seriously, these bills are a fabulous way to finish-off an interactive effect in your show. When the spectator is ready to leave the stage, tell him that since he was such a great assistant, you would like to reward him with a small token of the “sponsor’s” appreciation – ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Now, watch the look on the sponsor’s face, especially when the spectator is looking so hard at the bill to determine if it’s real or not.

These make great give-a-ways too and are just the thing for promotional events to pitch your show. You receive ten full size bills.

$6.00 U.S. (Package of Ten Bills)

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Magician’s Wax 

Magician’s Wax is one of the most subtle and versatile accessories in magic. It allows you to easily anchor invisible thread, hold paper loads in place until ready, attach coins and cards together, etc. Your imagination will provide other uses once you start to use this interesting compound.

Magician’s Wax is available in both hard and soft forms. Hard is best for adhering objects like coins and cards. Soft is ideal for card on the ceiling, etc.

$5.00 U.S. (Hard Wax) 

$6.00 U.S. (Soft Wax)

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Handkerchief Vanisher 

Metal Utility Vanisher – The Professional’s Choice 

Handkerchief VanisherEvery magician at one time or another needs to magically vanish a handkerchief from his bare hands.  Isn’t this what magicians do?  Of course. So here is your answer.

The Handkerchief Vanisher is same high quality device used by the professionals to cleanly and swiftly vanish a handkerchief. It is spun from sturdy aluminum by the craftsmen at Viking Haenchen and has a black finish. Its shape makes it perfect to guide itself where is has to go. The Handkerchief Vanisher is sized to accommodate two 18 inch silk handkerchiefs with room to spare. Use the versatility of this special device to vanish dollar bills, ribbons, rope sections, tissue paper, sponge balls, sponge rabbits and more. You are limited only by your imagination.

You receive the Handkerchief Vanisher and detailed instructions.

$10.00 U.S. (Temporarily Not Available)

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Mouth Coils 

Paper productions from your mouth and apparatus 

Mouth CoilsProductions are a wonderful part of any magic act.  Now you can produce paper streamers from your mouth, hand or magical props like the blendo box, dove pans, chick pans, square circles, change bags, etc.  

These paper production coils are quality manufactured in a variety of lengths to fit your specific needs.

Each package contains 12 non-reusable coils.

Please specify color when ordering.

17 Feet Length (package of 12 coils) . . . $12.00 U.S. (Rainbow Multi-Colored) (Temporarily Not Available)

25 Feet Length (package of 12 coils) . . . $17.00 U.S.(Rainbow Multi-Colored) 

46 Feet Length (package of 12 coils) . . . $25.00 U.S. (Rainbow Multi-Colored) (Temporarily Not Available)

200 Feet Length (package of 3 coils) . . . $25.00 U.S.  (Rainbow Neon Multi-Colored or Red/White/Blue) (Temporarily Not Available)

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Christmas Mouth Coils (Production Coils) 

50 Feet of Christmas Spirit to Brighten-up Your Show! 

Mouth Coils - HolidayHoliday Mouth Coils are the perfect production item for your holiday shows. Cresey Products has created a bright production coil of red, green and white.. 

Productions are a wonderful part of any magic act. Now you can produce paper streamers from your mouth, hand or magical props like the blendo box, dove pans, chick pans, square circles, change bags, etc.  

These multi-colored paper production coils are manufactured to the highest quality standards by Cresey Products. 

Each package contains 12 non-reusable 50 foot length coils. 

$25.00 U.S. (Temporarily Not Available)

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Mouth Coils

Paper coil productions from your mouth and apparatus

Mouth Coils, White 50 Ft - BazarProduction coils are a wonderful part of any magic act.  These 50 foot mouth coils manufactured by Mazar de Magia are actually like a hat coil only smaller. 

They provide excellent cover for the production of doves, silk fountains and more.  You can produce paper ribbon from your mouth, hand or magical props like the blendo box, dove pans, chick pans, square circles, change bags, etc.  

Each package contains 12 non-reusable coils.

$15.00 U.S. (Temporarily Not Available)

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KABUKI Streamers

The Paper Throw Coil Choice Among Leading Professionals

Kabuki StreamersKabuki Streamers are a great surprise ending that can be used almost anywhere and at any time.

The effect is simple to perform and provides a giant impact on the audience as a large spray of fine white tissue streamers burst unexpectedly from the performers hands.  These shoot out over the heads of the audience for 20-25 feet!  Each strand is approximately 1/8 inch wide and weighted to provide maximum distance and insure that all strands open properly.

Uses for Kabuki Streamers include:

  • After a torn and restored tissue effect, the performer tosses the restored pieces into the air where they change into a large spray of fine white tissue streamers
  • The fine white streamers may be gathered and a dove, bottle of champagne or silk cascade is produced from the bundle
  • Kabuki Streamers make a terrific ending to the Snow Storm in China effect
  • Use the streamers as a finale to a salt-pour effect
  • Toss a piece of lighted flash paper into the air, then reach into the flame and toss out the streamers
  • Use the Kabuki Streamers for your final curtain call or walk-off
  • And much, much more,

Each package contains 12 non-reusable Kabuki Streamer packets.  Each packet holds 45 tissue streamers.  Instructions are included.

$35.00 U.S.

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Floating Lady 

Let everyone know you are a magic enthusiast.
It makes the “Perfect Gift” for that “Special Someone”! 

TFloating Lady Woodenhe Floating Lady is an elegant piece perfect for your office desk or living room fireplace mantle. It is hand crafted, with pain-staking detail, from the finest walnut woods and mounted on a sturdy base for display.

The magician holds the familiar hoop, passing it over his lovely assistant. The Floating Lady uses a special three dimensional feature, giving the illusion that the assistant is actually floating in front of the magician.

The intricate scroll work used for her hair and the magician’s fingers is so well done, this piece almost comes to life. The warm wood finish of the piece adds to the decor of any room. 

The Floating Lady stands 7 inched high, is 7 inches long and approximately 3 inches wide. Each piece is individually numbered and signed by the craftsman.

$30.00 U.S.

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Aqua Slush
(a.k.a., Slush Powder) 

The powder that gels liquid instantly! 

Aqua SlushThis is the sensational liquid suspension you have heard people raving about. A small amount of Aqua Slush turns any liquid into a solid gelatin-like substance instantly. If you are looking for visual magic with an impact, this is it. Simply pour liquid into a glass and immediately turn it over to gasps and applause. The liquid appears to have vanished.

Sit down in a restaurant and add a little Aqua Slush to the bottom a coffee cup. When the waitress pours the coffee, suggest to her that this might be “bottom-of-the-pot” as you turn the cup over and the coffee doesn’t pour out. Honestly, the look on her face will be absolutely incredible!

If using a foam container, try piercing it with a letter opener or long nail to really set their minds spinning! Aqua Slush is great for stage as well as parlor presentations. This is a dynamite bit for M.C.’s, magicians, clowns, mimes, storytellers, and other variety performers.

You receive instructions and a two ounce container allowing you to perform dozens of suspensions.

$8.00 U.S. 

We highly recommend the Slush Booklet sold separately. It contains 32 pages of stunning uses for this powder. 



SPECIAL COMBO OFFER (Aqua Slush and Slush Booklet) – $11.50 U.S. ($13.00 U.S. Value – Save $1.50)

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Invisible Thread – Super Fine 

Ideal for Stripping 

Invisible ThreadThis Super Fine Invisible Thread is much easier to strip than other bulk threads. In less than 5 minutes you can strip out over twenty feet of single strand invisible thread after reading the simple instructions.

The best part is that you can adjust the number of strands you need to match the weight of your floating objects. If your object is heavier and you perform on stage, add a few strands for “insurance”. When working with light weight objects in close-up situations, use a single strand and amaze them right under their nose!

The dimensions of the thread wound on the bobbin are approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter and 2 3/8 inches tall. Literally, there are thousands of feet of performance strands on this convenient container. Complete with instructions for stripping.

$15.00 U.S.

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Kevlar Invisible Thread 

The Magician’s Ultimate Secret Weapon – New Longer Length! 

Invisible Thread, KevlarThis very fine invisible thread is perfect for the professional thread magician. Kevlar Invisible Thread is twice as strong as traditional thread, and is much better when performing under fluorescent lighting. It is perfect for close-up or strolling magic and is incredibly fun to perform with! 

Imagine the impact on the audience when the magician borrows a bill from a spectator, then places it on his left hand. When the magician waves his right hand over the bill, it appears to come to life and floats right out of his hand. Both hands are waved over the bill, proving that there is no connection between the floating bill and the real world as we know it! The bill slowly descends onto the palm of the outstretched magician’s hand and is then handed back to the spectator for inspection. 

You receive 40 unstripped feet (containing over 20 individual stripped strands) of Kevlar Invisible Thread, stripping instructions for the thread and illustrated instructions for the “Zero G. Currency” effect as described above. 

$18.00 U.S.

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New Item in Magic ShopImproved Pro Suitcase TableNew Item in Magic Shop

Reduce your set-up time – Protect your props

Versatile enough for your family afternoon show  AND the night club in the evening 

Pro TableThe Improved Pro Suitcase Table is a lockable travel case that sets up quickly to become a handsome table for on-Stage performance. Check out these unmatchable features . . .

  • Two Second Set-up
  • Lightweight – Only 24 lbs. empty
  • Three Shelves (One Adjustable)
  • Locking Latch for Security
  • T-Nut Construction – The handle & casters will not pull out of the wood. Great Idea!
  • 3/8″ Plywood (Glued & Nailed for strength)
  • Charcoal color non-woven Poly Olefin® fiber outer surface is Velcro® compatible, soil resistant and will not unravel, snag or scratch.
  • The inside of the new table design is now painted white.  Now when you’re on stage with the bright lights, you can easily see inside the case without fumbling.
  • Size: 

Open – 24″ wide x 38″ high x 14″ deep

Closed – 24″ wide x 24″ high x 12″ deep

The Improved Pro Suitcase Table is engineered for the working magician. Many of our customers actually travel with their entire show stored safely inside. Once you reach your show location, the table can be set up in two seconds (literally), and you are ready to perform. If you are working a kids show and after the performance 25 wide eyed cherubs rush up to greet you, simply close your table. Within two seconds you have protected your expensive props from prying eyes and curious fingers.

The Velco® compatible feature allows you to create custom table coverings for each unique show. For example – perhaps a balloon motif for children’s shows and maybe a color coordinated covering to match your props for the cabaret show. Simply prepare a single piece covering sized to the front and sides of the table. Sew approximately six tabs of Velcro® material to the top of the covering and you’re ready to change the appearance style of your table at a moments notice. I even used a grass skirt several years ago to provide a jungle look for my Jungle Safari show.

The Improved Pro Suitcase Table is truly one you will use in your afternoon family show and later that evening at the night club. It is honestly that versatile! It’s perfect for Magicians, Clowns, Jugglers, Storytellers and MC’s. Once you have used this table, you won’t go anywhere without it!  Trust me.  I’ve switched to the new design and absoilutely love it!

$395.00 U.S. (Temporarily Not Available)

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Bang Ring 

Eliminate Damage to your Expensive Coins 

Bang RingTreat your special coins with the respect they deserve. You’ll no longer have to place your locking coin set in a glass tumbler to shake them apart.

These Bang Rings significantly reduces the wear on your coins. Your special coins will no longer have unsightly dents and damaged edges that prevent your coins from working well. Simply place your locking coin (Scotch & Soda, Dime & Penny, etc.) in the machined recess of the appropriately sized bang ring, then firmly tap the ring against a solid surface. Your coins will be separated safely and quickly. It also reduces your reset time when performing in strolling situations.

These Bang rings have been precision manufactured from brass by the craftsmen at Johnson Products.  

Note: Each Bang Ring fits only one size coin. Please select the correct size for your application. 

U.S. Penny Size (Fits Dime and Penny) $10.00 U.S. 


U.S. Half Dollar Size (Fits Scotch and Soda) $10.00 U.S.

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Crocheted Balls 

Crocheted BallsThe Crocheted Balls have a cork center and are perfect for the Cups and Balls routine. They are available in one inch diameter (non-magnetic) four ball set. The Final Load Ball is wonderful to provide the perfect climax to your routine. Imagine a two inch ball appearing under the cups! 

The Regular Set includes four, 1 inch diameter balls (four non-magnetic). 

Regular available solid colors: Red, Blue (Please specify color when ordering)

$8.00 U.S. (Per set of four balls)

The Final Load Ball includes one, 2 inch diameter ball (non-magnetic).

Available colors: Red Only 

$12.00 U.S. (Per each ball)

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Foam Frog

by Goshman 

Foam FrogWhat can I say? This little guy is just really cute! 

Here you are in center stage. You have just stepped up to the microphone and as you begin to speak, you feint a little cough. You try again and once more, a slight cough occurs. You put your hand up to your mouth give a substantial cough and produce this little frog. Being the professional, polite performer you are, you apologize to the audience and say, “Sorry, I had a little frog in my throat.” Corny? You bet. Does the audience laugh and enjoy this light humor? Absolutely! Hey, that’s what entertainment is all about. So, got a frog in your throat? Share it with your audience! 

This humorous frog makes for a great addition to your comedy or children’s magic routine! He’s easy to palm or you can use him in a change bag, a chick pan, a small square circle and more. Or, just carry him around in your pocket, briefcase or purse. Hey ladies, have you lost your prince? This little fellow might just be him!

He’s quite the conversation piece.  He might be little at approximately 2″ (5cm) high.  But, he delivers giant size laughs!  Do you do a little vent work? Here’s your chance to bring this cute little guy to life. 

You receive the Foam Frog. You supply your favorite production device. 

$8.00 U.S.

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Rubber Chicken

Just how far will a magician, clown, juggler or master of ceremonies go for a laugh?

 Usually up to the rubber chicken! 

  • Rubber ChickenImagine the comedy possibilities when you open the dove pan expecting the dove and find the dead chicken 
  • What a great lead-in this is for the disc jockey to introduce the funky chicken 
  • How about the clown who asks little Johnny to verify the change bag is empty, only to have him pull out the chicken and a couple slices of bread. You look embarrassed and admit that you wondered where you had placed your lunch 
  • If you juggle, try starting with balls, then add in a chicken for good measure 
  • Do you use mouth coils? Consider using the chicken as your partner. Pull a mouth coil from your mouth and at the same time pull one from the chicken’s beak. 
  • Make a small cloth cape with an “S” on it and call him “Super Chicken, the Wizard of Foul Magic” 

Sound bizarre?  Maybe.  But trust me, this stuff works!  We supply the chicken – You will get the laughs! 

$12.00 U.S.

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Milk Tex  

a.k.a., Fake Milk – The Best Fake Milk You’ll Ever Own 

Milk Tex (Fake Milk) for the Milk Pitcher, Comedy Funnel and other similar props. You can mix up a little or a lot as you create your own fake skim milk, 1%, 2% or go for the real thing – whole milk. With Milk Tex, you get the look you want. You don’t have to worry about the summer heat curdling real milk and running your show. And you don’t have to contend with the lactic acid in real milk clouding and discoloring the plastic of the milk pitcher or other props. Milk Tex keeps your equipment looking like new. 

You receive a generous quantity in a plastic bottle with instructions for use. 

$8.00 U.S.

We highly recommend the Milk Pitcher Deluxe sold separately.

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Magic Wands 

A Magic Wand is the universal symbol of our profession. It also provides an excellent source of misdirection.

Magician’s Wand, Economy – Black plastic wand with white tips, 9 5/8 inches long x 1/2 inch diameter 

Magic Wand Standard$6.00 U.S.

Magician’s Wand, Deluxe – Black plastic wand with gold color metal tips,14 inches long x 9/16 inch diameter 

Wand Thick$15.00 U.S.

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Breakaway Wand 

A Classic in Comedy Magic  

Breakaway WandComedy magician’s around the world have been successfully using the Breakaway Wand for years.

Imagine how excited the spectator would be, if you were to allow him to actually perform the magic himself! You show him how to operate the wand by simply holding the wand at the end and waving it to make the magic happen.

Well, when the spectator holds the wand at the end and starts to wave it, the entire wand breaks apart! Trust me, the audience will roar with laughter! Your response can be, “Hey, That’s OK. We’re going to use it anyway, because in today’s world, we have to be creative.” or “Don’t worry, that’s my fault. I should have brought a better quality wand with me today. I can fix it when I get back to the Magic Studio.”

Note: For additional humor, this is also a wonderful place to tell the spectator, “Here, use this special magic fan.” (actually a Breakapart Fan). The Breakaway Fan is similar in effect and continues the laughter. It is sold separately.

The Breakaway Wand is a wonderful magical prop to complement any effect where you have a spectator in the performing area with you. This is perfect for magicians, clowns, M.C.’s, mimes, storytellers and other variety performers.

The Breakaway Wand measures 14 3/8 inches long by 1/2 inch diameter. The photograph shows the wand 1) rigid for use during your show as a regular wand and 2) when it has fallen apart.

You receive one Breakaway Wand and instructions. 

$12.00 U.S.

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Professional Wooden Magic Wand 

Two Piece Wand with Metal Tips 

Professional 2 Piece Wooden WandThis special wand is for the discriminating magician who wants a quality wand with that expensive elegant look. This beauty is manufactured from hard woods with solid metal tips and a center waist line metal ring. The magic wand also features two part construction as shown in the photo above. It measures 14 1/2 inches long, 1/2 inch diameter and weighs 4.5 ounces, making it well weighted for the Vernon wand spin flourish. 

This wand comes in a variety of finishes.  Please specify when ordering.

  • Black body with brass tips and brass center waist line (As Shown)
  • Black body with chrome tips and chrome center waist line (Not Shown)  New Item in Magic Shop
  • Brown body with brass tips and brass center waiste line (Not Shown)  New Item in Magic Shop

You receive one wand.   Please specify when ordering.

$35.00 U.S.

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Spring Wand 

Hilarious Comedy for Children and Adults! 

Spring WandComedy wands are always a great bit of business. But this creation is simply outstanding. The magician displays the wand as normal and gives it to someone from the audience to hold. As soon as they have a good grip on it, the wand wilts, wiggles and wobbles almost uncontrollably. 

It can be coiled and placed into a small purse and magically produced as a solid wand. The wand is a great gag for use by magicians, clowns, story tellers, wizards and M.C.s. in both children’s shows and adult events. 

As an added bonus, this professionally constructed wand comes with illustrated instructions that feature over

twenty suggestions for hilarious routines. You simply can’t afford to be without this one! 

$15.00 U.S.

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Topsy Popsy Wand 

One of the Funniest Magic Wands You’ll Ever Use! 

Topsy Popsy Wand

With Trixie Bond’s Topsy-Popsy Wand you’ll get squeals and screams of laughter, guaranteed! Just give the 16″ by 2″ wand a squeeze and one of the ends pops off, creating pandemonium! When you pick up the end and place it back on, the other end pops off, producing even more reaction from the audience 

You can attach a silk to the inside of one end before the show. During your performance vanish a silk handkerchief. Using your want to create the magic to locate the missing silk handkerchief, the end of the wand unexpectedly pops off and flies through the air with the missing silk fluttering in the air behind it! A very strong effect. 

Guaranteed laughs from kids and adults, easy to do.  

You receive the functional Topsy Popsy Wand and instructions. You supply your own silk handkerchiefs and other apparatus. 

$15.00 U.S.  (Temporarily Not Available)

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