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Colored Nylon Rope

Put Color Into Your Act

Plus, This rope has so many different uses, it’s not just for magic any more!

Do you want your magic to look good during your next show? I mean really good? This Colored Nylon Rope may just do the trick for you. It can brighten even the most poorly lit performance area and will help make your magic come alive! 

Nylon Rope

This rope is wonderful for making your own rope tricks or replacing the ropes you already own. It’s a natural for Professors Nightmare, Rope Penetrations and more. The rope measures 5/16 inch thick by 50 feet long.

The Colored Nylon Rope is durable and can be used over and over. It has a center core to add a sturdy feel to the rope. If you want a more flexible rope, no problem. The core is easily removed. After the rope has been cut to length, it can be heat sealed by an adult to prevent the end from fraying.

Many clients use this rope for industrial, advertising and craft applications as well.

  • The following colors are ARE AVAILABLE: in the following vibrant colors shown above (Pink). 
  • The following colors are NOT AVAILABLE: (Blue / Silver / Yellow / Black / Brown / White / Purple / Orange / Green / Red)

Note: Please specify color when ordering

$16.00 U.S. per single hank of 50 feet

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Professor’s Nightmare 

Watch the Solid Ropes INSTANTLY Become Different Lengths

Professor's NightmareProfessor’s Nightmare is one of the most popular rope tricks of all time.  And now you too can add it to your next show.  It’s easy-to-learn and simple-to-perform.

Three lengths of rope are shown to be each of a different length. One is short, the second is of medium length, and the third is a long piece.  The magician gathers the ropes together.  And when he pulls them apart, the ropes are all now the same length.  It’s almost as if they stretched.  Then, just as simply and magically, the ropes again become three different lengths.  When the ropes are examined, they don’t stretch.

You receive three pieces of professional nylon rope and illustrated instructions.

$18.00 U.S.

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Magician’s EuroRope

Finally, The Perfect Magician’s Rope


EuroRopeThis rope is fabulous!  Remember the original magician’s rope we grew up with? It was grey, thin, rough and stiff (even after you cored it). EuroRope is totally different.  

  • First – EuroRope is actually WHITE. It looks larger than it really is due to the light reflectance from the bright surface.
  • Second – EuroRope is larger than most regular magician’s rope which measures 1/4 inch in diameter. Deluxe EuroRope measures approximately 3/8 inch. Super Deluxe EuroRope measures approximately 5/8 inch. That’s over a half inch and it looks GREAT on stage! See the pencil in the image to help judge the actual size.
  • Third – EuroRope is so soft and flexible, it makes it easier to handle and allows your magic to flow more smoothly.
  • Lastly – EuroRope is already cored so you just cut it to length and “It’s Show Time”.  

Once you have used this incredible rope, you’ll never want to use standard magician’s rope ever again!  

Deluxe EuroRope, 3/8 inch diameter – 30 ft hank – $16.50 U.S.  

Deluxe EuroRope, 3/8 inch diameter – 216 ft spool – $100.00 U.S. (Save $18.00 U.S.) (When you order a spool, it’s like getting a hank and a bit more FREE)

Super Deluxe EuroRope, 5/8 inch diameter – 30 ft hank – $22.00 U.S.


We recommend the instructional DVD “Amazing Magic Tricks with Rope”,

sold separately in our video/DVD section.

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 Linking Ropes

Originated by E.J. Moore

Linking RopesThe Linking Ropes is an effect that really packs a punch yet is seldom seen.  It’s very easy to perform and with these new ultra-white ropes visible even from stage.

The Linking Ropes leave no doubt that you are a master magician; causing three solid ropes to link right before their eyes. The spectators can handle the ropes and actually tie them into loops.  Then, just like Magic, you link and unlink them right under their noses.

The Linking Ropes have been a magical favorite ever since A.J. Moore created them.

You receive top quality rope (3 pieces) and complete with instructions.

$18.00 U.S.

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Patriotic Ropes

Your audience will be amazed and amused! 

Rainbow RopesKids, adults and even your business clients can relate to the Patriotic Ropes. You can make it simple and fun for entertainment’s sake itself, or use it to send a message to the organization you’re working with. This effect is perfect for keynote speakers, business consultants, motivational counselors, teachers, therapists, magicians, clowns, MC’s, mimes and story tellers. 

Simply described, three ropes are tied together with two knots. Then, the knots magically vanish, leaving the ropes permanently joined together. The single red, white and blue rope can even be passed for inspection if you choose. 

The application of this effect is simply ingenious. Let the red, white and blue ropes represent three groups of people and the knots symbolize opportunities for improvement within those groups. As the knots vanish, so do the hurdles facing the group as they become one well coordinated organization.  

Think about it, you can use Patriotic Ropes to reinforce a message for . . . 

  • Parent Teacher Associations (Parents/Teachers/Students) 
  • Scouts (Leaders/Scouts/Parents) 
  • Corporations (Design/Marketing/Manufacturing) 
  • Church Groups (The Blessed Trinity)  
  • And many more . . . 

If this message reinforcement approach is too heavy for your performing style, simply vanish the knots and let the applause roll.  Either way your audience will simply love it!  

Patriotic Ropes includes the ropes and instructions. 

$12.00 U.S.

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