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Strolling Close-up Magic Show


Professional Strolling Magic presented up-close and personal is a wonderful ice-breaker and a great warm-up to any event. Intimate miracles are performed directly in front of the spectators! From adults and teens to children, everyone loves to be part of the show, Now You See It, Now You Don’t


The Full Family Enjoys Strolling Magic

Photo Credit: Greg Johnson / Rochester, NY 


Under Bill’s expert control, coins vanish, cards change and minds are read. Many of these strange events happen right in the spectator’s own hands. Each and every member of the audience leaves the show with a personal experience to tell friends about. Bill Gormont delivers the perfect formula for interactive, dynamic close-up magical entertainment. 


Engaging Fun at a Corporate Event

Photo Credit: Cheryl Fisher, Rochester, NY 


Some clients wardrobe Bill in the special event “clothes of the day”. What a wonderful way to have the magic blended into your organization’s special event. 


Minds are Read and Thoughts are Transferred

Photo Credit: Cheryl Fisher, Rochester, NY 


Bill will captivate your guests with his amazing and artistic sleight of hand.  You’ll be inches away from unbelievable magic for which there’s simply no explanation.  Is it illusion, or is it real?  You be the judge.


Bill's Strolling Magic is Up Close, Personal and Right Before Your Eyes

Photo Credit: Cheryl Fisher, Rochester, NY 


Whether you’re coordinating a wedding celebration, cocktail event, group gathering, community festival, hospitality suite or trade show booth, the Now You See It, Now You Don’t strolling magic show is the perfect form of entertainment. 


Bill in Action with Strolling Close-up

Photo Credit: Tony Pierleoni, Rochester, NY


If you have a large group, Bill calls on his team of professional magicians to entertain with him.


Audiences have said for years, “Magic on stage is impressive, but when it happens right under your nose, it’s simply impossible!”

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