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Great American Magic Show


American history comes alive when Bill Gormont brings “The Great American Magic Show” to your group or event. The exciting birth of our great country is relived as he highlights our founding fathers, special people and important historical moments that include our first flag, the Declaration of Independence, voting freedoms then and today and much, much more. 


This non-partisan show focuses on the foundation of our freedom and liberty that we enjoy to this day. It does not enter into modern day politics or current world situations. Rather, it reinforces our nation’s rich history through entertaining situations filled with magic, illusion, comedy and fun.


The Great American Magic Show” is suitable for presentation to all ages in a variety of venues from a theatre to a moderately sized meeting room. This show is the perfect choice for national holiday celebrations, schools, libraries, museums, community festivals, U.S. military heritage associations and more. 


Stage is Ready

Photo Credit: Bill Gormont, Rochester, NY 


So now, the stage is set, the theatre is ready, open the doors, start the music, hit the lights and on with the show! 


Bill Begins the Show with Red, White and Blue

Photo Credit: Jamie Germano, Rochester, NY 


Bill introduces a modern day Betsy Ross as they experience a hilarious flag routine. Betsy would be proud to see Bill, the stage and accessories decked out in red, white and blue. 


Volunteer Participating in a Betsy Ross Flag Routine

Photo Credit: Jamie Germano, Rochester, NY 


Audience participation is always a large part of the show. Lucky spectators are invited to have fun on stage with Bill as they enjoy learning about some of our first U.S. Presidents in a magical sort of way. 


Helpers Celebrating our First President George Washington

Photo Credit: Jamie Germano, Rochester, NY 


Laughter and audience participation are trademarks of Bill Gormont’s World of Magic. The audience always enjoys a special moment when something unexpected occurs and requires Bill’s undivided attention.  


Volunteer Enjoying Abe Lincoln's Magic Wand

Photo Credit: Jamie Germano, Rochester, NY 


The grand finale is always filled with surprise, action and colorful productions. What a wonderful way to close out a fun filled educational experience that celebrates the history of our great nation and stirs the patriotism in our hearts. 


Bill's Big Finish Flying our Colors - Red, White and Blue

Photo Credit: Jamie Germano, Rochester, NY 


Bill is proud to offer “The Great American Magic Show” to your group or organization. Bill Gormont’s World of Magic provides that “special touch” to help make your next event a success.

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