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Recycling Rocks (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle)

Join master magician Bill Gormont as he inspires children and young teens to do their part helping to take care of Mother Earth.  Recycling Rocks blends magic and environmental recycling into a family entertainment experience of laughter, excitement and surprise.


 Bringing Minds Together

Photo Credit: Anne White / Hollywood, CA


Recycling Rocks is the perfect opportunity to learn more about how to care for the environment while enjoying an entertaining show of magic, illusion and fun. The program will encourage them to Reduce – Reuse – Recycle at home, when at school and even while on the family vacation. 


You Can Learn About Games at the Library

Photo Credit: Paula Smith / Rochester, NY 


 This all new show will help children and young teens become environmental helpers as they discover how to make the planet they live on healthier, cleaner and prettier.  They’ll participate in a vacation “reusing” adventure to interesting locations, learn how to magically “recycle” while saving money, “reduce” paper by sending ideas from one person to another using only their minds and much more! 

 I'll Take That One

Photo Credit: Leal Smith, Rochester, NY


Everyone will be talking about this entertaining blend of magic & recycling for months as they remember the excitement, the children’s laughter and the easy things they can do every day to make a huge difference.


Saving BIG Money

Photo Credit: Anne White / Hollywood, CA


Recycling Rocks is the perfect form of responsible educational entertainment with a positive message for children and young teens.


Bill's Reading Show Enjoyed by a Packed House at the Library

Photo Credit: Paula Smith / Rochester, NY 


The Recycling Rocks magic show is perfect for youth grades k-7. The show is extremely popular with public libraries, schools and recreation departments, where education about our collective environmental responsibilities need to be presented to children and young teens in a way that they "get it". 


Working Together as a Team Always Leads to Success

Photo Credit: Kelli Landau / Rochester, NY 


Bill has the program and the experience to make your “Be Kind to Mother Earth” programs a magical success.  Deluxe show package options includes professional backdrops and a powerful sound system.

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